Consulting & Advising Testimonials

Brian brings a very high floor in terms of end results. The worst possible end result they will get from him is so much higher than what most designers can provide at their best.

When you’re bringing on a consultant, there is always a level of uncertainty about results, and there’s nothing worse than ending up with solutions that aren’t feasible, workable, or usable at the end of the process. While Brian’s processes differed from what I was used to, and I didn’t always want to get into the level of requirements detail that he felt was necessary, the bottom line is that Brian brings a very high floor in terms of end results. Given how many different responsibilities I am juggling at any given time, it was extremely comforting to know that my goals for the [new Apptopia analytics] product would always be met, and that my bottom line was so high. I’ve recommended Brian to my peers because the worst possible end result they will get from him is so much higher than what most designers can provide at their best.

Jonathan KayJonathan Kay
CEO, Apptopia

[Brian is] the reference for a great designer

I always considered you as the reference for a great UX designer so your name still comes up from time to time.

Omri KesselOmri Kessel
VP & GM Cloud Insights Software Business

I can’t recommend Brian enough…

When Brian came on board, he helped us significantly accelerate our design efforts and meet our major enterprise clients’ expectations and deadlines. We have gotten a lot of mileage out of his work, and we've received good responses from our customers. I can’t recommend him enough.

Alex BeletskyAlex Beletsky
COO and Co-Founder

We needed Brian's approach…

I wondered at first whether Brian’s relative lack of experience in the patent/IP space would work with our team in the creation of a product like Legion, especially given the conservative, security-oriented corporate culture of Elysium. By the end, I realized just how much we needed Brian's approach, influence, and outside presence/energy to design a successful patent analysis tool. Brian made us think through the entire Legion product experience, and through this process, we learned to improve our own design skills. Today, our litigation consultants continue to use Legion regularly with clients. It has probably reduced collaboration overhead by 50% (which our clients love!) and allows consultants and clients to come together, using Legion’s data and analytics, to build shared understandings of patented inventions quickly.

Paul MattalPaul Mattal
Managing Director
Elysium Digital

I have learned more about analytics from Brian than all the books, articles and thought leaders in the space…

I have learned more about analytics from Brian than all the books, articles and thought leaders in the space through his posts on LinkedIn and the amazing content from his website. Brian has a wealth of knowledge that can save you years of failed dashboard designs and a framework to help any user see the value of your product. I look forward to each session and growing the value of our product with his guidance.

Pedram FaedPedram Faed
Director of Analytics

I wouldn’t hesitate to call Brian for design strategy…

Brian’s questioning of our business and user objectives for a new video analytics SAAS–prior to any discussion of design solutions–was a bit unusual for me. In fact, I’ve rarely met anyone with a process like his. That said, by the time we started negotiating with Brian, we had already decided to work with him. One of the key capabilities Brian brought to the table was the ability to help us distinguish between "vanity" analytics and "actionable” analytics, so that our service’s data was always presented in a way to help users actually make better business decisions. In the end, the prospects to whom we showed Brian’s designs were wowed by the extremely clean and elegant presentation of our video analytics, and we got excellent feedback that this design was much better than the existing, highly established players in this space. At that point, we knew our main business challenge would be sales access, and not product quality. If I needed to develop a design strategy for another analytics product or service in the future, I wouldn’t hesitate to call Brian first.

Rohit SharmaRohit Sharma
Managing Director, North America
kPoint Technologies

I would tell everybody about this [Audit] service

Companies like us, we don’t have design eyes, right, or want to invest in a design group. Our biggest fear [going in] was that [the Interface Design Audit and Remediation Plan] wouldn’t necessarily be actionable. And, the good news was that it was actionable. Separate from being an expert, Brian was able to describe things in ways that really made us understand. I would absolutely tell everybody about this service. You should reach out to Brian because he does good stuff!

Sean Coleman Sean Coleman
CTO, BA Insight

Brian's designs and recommendations significantly shifted people’s excitement and expectations about our technology. He understands data.

A big concern when you’re introducing new technology to your staff and clients is making sure they will want to use it. We were concerned about the ease of use and appeal of a new survey data platform we were introducing, but Brian was really able to understand our challenges quickly. His design and recommendations significantly shifted people’s excitement and expectations around it. A big reason why we hired Brian is because he understands data, and the new design he created will only help reinforce GSG’s brand as being innovative and ahead of the curve. My team has been really impressed with Brian's ideas and the simplicity of the designs he created. I definitely recommend him!

Michelle WoodruffMichelle Woodruff
VP of Practice Operations
Global Strategy Group

Brian’s discovery and planning absolutely needed to happen…

Until Brian came in to help us, nobody could see a strategic direction, or if they did they lacked the ability to articulate it in an actionable way. This discovery and planning absolutely needed to happen and it's been great. It's nice to have a plan we can get behind and finally feel like we're on the same train as the leadership team. Execution will be more satisfying because we're going to have a better sense of what stakeholders need to see and how that relates to what we get to work on.

Tara HalwesTara Halwes
Principal UX Designer

We appreciate your design audit…

We appreciate your UI design audit (watch video) of the Covid 19 Decision Support Dashboard, and the power of coming together with collaboration that raises the bar for everybody.

Erika Darling Co-Department Head
UX, Visualization & Decision Support
Covid-19 Healthcare Coalition
The MITRE Corporation

I recommend his design services without reservation…

Initially, the FMC had no prior exposure to Brian’s design work, but in the end, the design strategy that he formulated with us enabled us to design a stunning data portal that exceeded our expectations. Timely delivery and transparent communication also helped us to manage expectations and plan well. Brian really felt like a thought partner for what we were trying to do, and I recommend his design services without reservation.

Jean Cook, Future of Music CoalitionJean Cook
Board Member, Future of Music Coalition
Project Director, Artist Revenue Streams

 Seminar Testimonials

I would absolutely highly recommend Brian's seminar. Without a doubt.

I hadn’t heard of Brian before, but I had been enjoying his podcast and way of thinking, and on a leap of faith, I decided to bring him in to train my data science and analytics managers and leads. And after completing our first training, I can safely say there is no risk associated with this seminar. One of my goals was to change my team’s mindset about putting users at the center of our work, and I am already starting to see a positive change, though a long journey ahead of us. You get some tangible, real-world tools that are practical and applicable, so it’s not just “theoretical.” My head of data science also now sees UX and design as a must-have in his team’s advanced analytics projects, not a nice-to-have. I would absolutely highly recommend the seminar without a doubt, and plan to have more of my team take the seminar in the future

Omar KhawajaOmar Khawaja
Head of BI & Analytics
Roche Diagnostics

[Seminar Student] Brian's process was holistic and internally consistent

"I never had fully appreciated the level of integration and the number of different disciplines required to arrive at a thoughtful piece of analysis that properly communicates the evidentiary support for my argument…What I like about Brian's seven step process is that it is holistic and internally consistent. Each piece builds off of the previous pieces…and Brian presents it as a repeatable process…There are a lot of things about designing UI things I just never would have thought of.

I think the people who will probably get the most benefit out of Brian's seminar will be people who are more senior level people. Junior people are just not being asked to deal with the entire lifecycle, which is what the seminar is about."

Brian ClancyBrian Clancy
Managing Director
Logistics Capital & Strategy

[Seminar Student] Switching my mindset from outputs to outcomes was a total game changer for me.

“Brian's more practical, targeted approach in this seminar has been very beneficial as it was focused specifically on designing data products with UX in mind. It’s not every time you can meet someone, ask questions and get useful responses, and I was able to do that in Brian’s seminar. In addition to realizing some of the common mistakes I had been making, I also had a big aha moment: understanding outcomes versus outputs. This is more valuable than some of the tactical things because you shift your frame of mind and it’s a total game changer. The way you interact with your users and develop and deliver a solution completely changes. That’s the power of that wisdom. I’ll be referring back to the content and videos from the seminar now and again, and I’d definitely recommend this seminar to other technical product managers.

Meenakshi SharmaMeenakshi Sharma
Technical Product Manager, AI/ML

[Seminar Student] I would recommend this seminar. Brian gives really clear feedback and understands what we [as data scientists] deal with when trying to design effective data products.

“I would recommend this seminar. You clearly pinpointed us to specific things around keeping the actual needs of a specific user in mind. We also very much appreciated your input, which was really clear and would make us ask, ‘does this bring value to the user? What is the actual value?’ It's also good to have more than one person [in the seminar] if you're working as a team as it helps to do some sparring and to collect questions to bring back into the Seminar. Finally, I just really liked how you led through it and were able to jump between topics or send us some links afterwards for further study. I think you're pretty capable of putting yourself into the positions of others and have an understanding of what we are dealing with.”

Matthias BöckMatthias Böck
Data Scientist

[Seminar Student] a very solid framework to get started on design for data solutions

It's a quick and accessible snapshot of how to think about user design for data solutions products. You can go deep in UX design, you can talk about data solutions, but how do you combine the two in a very digestible way? I think it’s a very solid framework to get started. I would definitely recommend the seminar.

Wendy RobertsWendy Roberts
Manifold (AI Engineering Consultancy)

Self-Guided Course Testimonials

Finally there is now a method to make data products that folds together the problem solving, the UX, and then ties it back to money.

As a company, our people really need to get value from the data products that are being produced. We have had users who thought they knew exactly what they wanted from the data, but our solutions were not exactly solving their problems. Finally there is now a method to make data products that folds together the problem solving, the UX, and then ties it back to money. The simplicity of the curriculum has made it easy for me to reframe things in simple terms to the core stakeholder requesting the tools from my team. I absolutely would recommend this course.

Rebecca SlaterRebecca Slater
Digital Transformation Lead | Data & Insight Evangelist
Lockheed Martin

So far, the [Self-Guided Video] Course has been an eye opener for me…

Michelle WoodruffKrishna Narayan
Product Managment Lead, AI/ML

Speaking & Other Testimonials

One of the only email subscriptions I read

Your [list] is one of only a few email subscriptions I read. Super bright and always thoughtful.

Nancy Duarte Nancy Duarte
Principal @ Duarte
Author & TED Speaker

Brilliant presentation...[Brian's] deep expertise comes across loud and clear.

Brian, your UXPA-Boston conference presentation was brilliant! Outcome-focused, decision support, yes yes yes. And you're not just saying it, your own deep expertise comes across loud and clear.

Laura Faulkner Laura Faulkner, PhD
Head of Research

I don't know if Apple's Health designers used your CED Framework, but it is excellent

"The applicability of your CED Framework to data visualizations is excellent. In a presentation I did at Capco, I compared the effective application of your CED framework to visualization in our organization vs. visualizations found in Apple's Health app. I don't know if Apple's designers used your framework for their work, but they came to nearly the same conclusions as I did for how to create their visualization components. Thanks for your work in this space, it's very valuable!"

David LeggettDavid Leggett
Senior Experience Design Consultant

An engaging speaker that created a clear, shared concept around design

"I had seen Brian speak at an analytics conference and sought him out to speak to our teams and lead a discussion. Brian is an engaging speaker and his talk created a clear shared concept between software engineers, designers, and IT. Having a shared foundational concept and language for how design can improve our data products and decision support applications will help us communicate together clearly in our work in digital transformation."

Will Scarbrough Will Scarbrough
VP, Digital Transformation

Brian created real awareness…well-attended talk with solid interaction and attendance…I am certain we delivered value to our IIA clients and community members.

Brian has spoken several times for IIA, most recently as the key guest on a webinar we hosted on "AI Product Management". The topic is hyper relevant, so naturally it was a well-attended talk with solid interaction and excellent retention. Despite the challenges of Covid-19, "Zoom fatigue," and the summer time slot, over 80% of our registrants stayed until the end. Brian created a real awareness around the importance of product design and management as critical functions in the deployment of human-centered data products, AI solutions, and analytics. I also appreciated how he made the talk more engaging by allowing one of our clients from Steelcase to reflect on his own experience applying several of the strategies for which Brian advocated. In the end, I am certain we delivered value to our IIA clients and community members.

Drew Smith Drew Smith
VP - Analytics Leadership Consortium
International Institute for Analytics

Terrific…an effective change agent about design

It was terrific to have Brian speak to my Executive MBA students about design thinking, user input, and organizational engagement in creating business value from analytics. His experience, perspective, and passion really brought the importance of "beginning with the end in mind" home to my students, all of whom are working professionals who are being subjected to endless hype about killer dashboards and powerful Machine Learning algorithms. He's clearly an insightful analyst and an effective change agent.

Vijay MehrotraDr. Vijay Mehrotra
Professor of Business Analytics
Director, Customer Success Management Initiative
University of San Francisco School of Management

If clients are open to change, then they will be ready to benefit from experts like Mr. O’Neill

If clients know their business well, have a basic understanding of the subject area, are open to change, and spend wisely, then they will be ready to benefit from experts like Mr. O’Neill and Mr. Davenport, and maybe we can move that [value-delivery] needle up from 2 out of 10. (Article)

Bob LambertBob Lambert
Analytics Delivery Lead

Outstanding leadership in our field…

Thank you so much for your outstanding leadership in our field.  We really appreciate your value-added materials and presentation that advance the product management profession.

Karen DworaczykKaren Dworaczyk
Product Development and Mgmt. Assoc. (PDMA) Board Member
Principal, InsightOvation Consulting

Brian’s session was great…

Data science practitioners need to have the non-technical skills to be effective collaborators with business/product stakeholders. Brian’s session was great, relevant, and on the mark for our audience of technical people and business sponsors."

Randy Guse Randy Guse
Director of Enterprise Analytics: AI and ML Research/Strategy
Optum (UnitedHealth Group)

[Podcast Listener] found myself rewinding a few times to make sure it sunk in. …

I had the opportunity to listen to Brian as a guest on the latest UI Breakfast podcast this Saturday while I was cleaning up around the apartment, and I found myself rewinding a few times to make sure it sunk in. It was the first time in a while I have heard someone describe so succinctly the value of using data in a thoughtful and impactful way. The 86 number and doughnut example was felt all too close to home. I feel like a lot of my job is explaining and pitching the importance of not just using all the fancy design tools because it's cool and some organizations can (which is awesome, there's a lot of great design out there!) but really being thoughtful about these choices and making sure they bring value to the person at the end of the system making decisions or using the design. I'm a big proponent of simplicity. Altogether, it really spoke to me!

Robyn KlemRobyn Klem
Director of Visual Communications & Products
The Clearing

One of the best webinars I have been a part of…

One of the best webinars I have been a part of in awhile. The presenter had more than a product to sell, and Brian gave us 9 pertinent questions to ask ourselves when designing analytics for our users. Great!

Libby MedicusLibby Medicus
Report Analyst at Univ. of Montevallo (Webinar Attendee)

Well-structured [webinar], informative, and easy to understand

Well-structured agenda, informative contents, and easy-to-understand speech and text on a relevant topic.

Bulcsu Szekely Bulcsu Szekely
Researcher, LUT Group

Really cool presentation, including the participation game at the end…

Really cool presentation, including the participation game at the end.

Session Attendee
Predictive Analytics World, UK

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