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Brian T. O'Neill is a designer, advisor, and founder of Designing for Analytics, an independent consultancy which helps companies turn analytics and ML into indispensable decision support applications. For over 20 years, he has worked with companies including DellEMC, Global Strategy Group, Tripadvisor, Fidelity, JP Morgan Chase, ETrade and several SAAS startups. He has spoken internationally, giving talks at O'Reilly Strata, Enterprise Data World, the International Institute for Analytics Symposium, Predictive Analytics World, and Boston College. Brian also hosts the highly-rated podcast, Experiencing Data, where he reveals the strategies and activities that product, data science and analytics leaders are using to deliver valuable experiences around data. In addition to consulting, Brian is also a professional percussionist and has performed at Carnegie Hall and The Kennedy Center. Follow him on Twitter (@rhythmspice) and join his mailing list at

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Brian created real awareness…well-attended talk with solid interaction and attendance…I am certain we delivered value to our IIA clients and community members.

Brian has spoken several times for IIA, most recently as the key guest on a webinar we hosted on "AI Product Management". The topic is hyper relevant, so naturally it was a well-attended talk with solid interaction and excellent retention. Despite the challenges of Covid-19, "Zoom fatigue," and the summer time slot, over 80% of our registrants stayed until the end. Brian created a real awareness around the importance of product design and management as critical functions in the deployment of human-centered data products, AI solutions, and analytics. I also appreciated how he made the talk more engaging by allowing one of our clients from Steelcase to reflect on his own experience applying several of the strategies for which Brian advocated. In the end, I am certain we delivered value to our IIA clients and community members.

Drew Smith Drew Smith
VP - Analytics Leadership Consortium
International Institute for Analytics
Brian O'Neill speaking at Predictive Analytics World in Berlin

Terrific…an effective change agent about design

It was terrific to have Brian speak to my Executive MBA students about design thinking, user input, and organizational engagement in creating business value from analytics. His experience, perspective, and passion really brought the importance of "beginning with the end in mind" home to my students, all of whom are working professionals who are being subjected to endless hype about killer dashboards and powerful Machine Learning algorithms. He's clearly an insightful analyst and an effective change agent.

Vijay MehrotraDr. Vijay Mehrotra
Professor of Business Analytics
Director, Customer Success Management Initiative
University of San Francisco School of Management

An engaging speaker that created a clear, shared concept around design

"I had seen Brian speak at an analytics conference and sought him out to speak to our teams and lead a discussion. Brian is an engaging speaker and his talk created a clear shared concept between software engineers, designers, and IT. Having a shared foundational concept and language for how design can improve our data products and decision support applications will help us communicate together clearly in our work in digital transformation."

Will Scarbrough Will Scarbrough
VP, Digital Transformation

Brian’s session was great…

Data science practitioners need to have the non-technical skills to be effective collaborators with business/product stakeholders. Brian’s session was great, relevant, and on the mark for our audience of technical people and business sponsors."

Randy Guse Randy Guse
Director of Enterprise Analytics: AI and ML Research/Strategy
Optum (UnitedHealth Group)

Outstanding leadership in our field…

Thank you so much for your outstanding leadership in our field.  We really appreciate your value-added materials and presentation that advance the product management profession.

Karen DworaczykKaren Dworaczyk
Product Development and Mgmt. Assoc. (PDMA) Board Member
Principal, InsightOvation Consulting

One of the best webinars I have been a part of…

One of the best webinars I have been a part of in awhile. The presenter had more than a product to sell, and Brian gave us 9 pertinent questions to ask ourselves when designing analytics for our users. Great!

Libby MedicusLibby Medicus
Report Analyst at Univ. of Montevallo (Webinar Attendee)

Well-structured [webinar], informative, and easy to understand

Well-structured agenda, informative contents, and easy-to-understand speech and text on a relevant topic.

Bulcsu Szekely Bulcsu Szekely
Researcher, LUT Group

[Podcast Listener] found myself rewinding a few times to make sure it sunk in. …

I had the opportunity to listen to Brian as a guest on the latest UI Breakfast podcast this Saturday while I was cleaning up around the apartment, and I found myself rewinding a few times to make sure it sunk in. It was the first time in a while I have heard someone describe so succinctly the value of using data in a thoughtful and impactful way. The 86 number and doughnut example was felt all too close to home. I feel like a lot of my job is explaining and pitching the importance of not just using all the fancy design tools because it's cool and some organizations can (which is awesome, there's a lot of great design out there!) but really being thoughtful about these choices and making sure they bring value to the person at the end of the system making decisions or using the design. I'm a big proponent of simplicity. Altogether, it really spoke to me!

Robyn KlemRobyn Klem
Director of Visual Communications & Products
The Clearing

Conference Talks & Keynotes

  • 2021 UXPA Boston User Experience Conference
  • 2020 Keynote: Boston College MS in Applied Economics
  • 2019 Product Management Association (PDMA) Webinar
  • 2019 Product Management Association (PDMA) Conference "Disruption by Design"
  • 2019 MinneBOS Conference at Boston University (Minneanalytics)
  • 2019 Predictive Analytics World (London)
  • 2019 International Institute for Analytics Symposium (Portland)
  • 2019 Enterprise Data World (Boston)
  • 2019 O'Reilly Strata Conference (London
  • 2018 O'Reilly Strata Conference (NYC)
  • 2018 Predictive Analytics World (Berlin)
  • 2018 O'Reilly Strata Conference (London)
  • 2017 O'Reilly Strata Conference (NYC)
  • UXPA New Jersey Panelist - "Lifting the Veil on UX Strategy"
  • UX Boston Meetup
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Podcast Appearances

Brian is the host of the podcast, Experiencing Data, and has also appeared as a guest on the following shows (in chronological order):

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