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Maybe your app or data product UI looks "like an engineer built it." Are customers struggling to see the value of your analytics, ML model, data visualization, or insights?  Wondering how design might help your tech and your org., turn analytics and ML into actionable decision support?

Imagine having clarity on how to move forward

I've spoken to most of you. The data scientists. The analytics practitioners and leaders. The engineers. The technical product managers.  The sales team. The UX designers. Lots of titles, but similar challenges: making the data simple, useful, and valuable.

I know your struggles around making decision support applications usable. The details matter, yet you can't overwhelm the user either.  Your data/tech is good, but people aren't able to see the value of your data to take action on it.

Imagine having a set of clear next steps delivered to you live, in just an hour, so your design, product, dashboard or other effort can move forward. Imagine the time and money you can save if you don't go down the wrong path, building out technology for a solution no customer wants or needs. Imagine getting validated that you were on track to begin with, and having the confidence to keep doing what you've been doing.

I have learned more about analytics from Brian than all the books, articles and thought leaders in the space…

I have learned more about analytics from Brian than all the books, articles and thought leaders in the space through his posts on LinkedIn and the amazing content from his website. Brian has a wealth of knowledge that can save you years of failed dashboard designs and a framework to help any user see the value of your product. I look forward to each session and growing the value of our product with his guidance.

Pedram FaedPedram Faed
VP of Analytics Product

Speak with a seasoned product designer and specialist in analytics and data products

  • I've been a product/UX/UI designer for over 20 years, working with nimble startups and household names like DellEMC, Fidelity, JP Morgan Chase, and Tripadvisor.
  • I have spent 1000s of hours advising clients and helping leaders to not just deliver better user experiences but to get better business value out of design
  • I'm one of the few (if not only) designers who has spoken frequently at major international data science and analytics conferences including O'Reilly Strata, Predictive Analytics World, The International Institute for Analytics Symposium, and others.
  • While I understand the technology and what's possible, I don't think like a technologist or data person. I bring a creative, entrepreneurial, design and human-centered perspective to your challenges.

Brian brings a very high floor in terms of end results. The worst possible end result they will get from him is so much higher than what most designers can provide at their best.

When you’re bringing on a consultant, there is always a level of uncertainty about results, and there’s nothing worse than ending up with solutions that aren’t feasible, workable, or usable at the end of the process. While Brian’s processes differed from what I was used to, and I didn’t always want to get into the level of requirements detail that he felt was necessary, the bottom line is that Brian brings a very high floor in terms of end results. Given how many different responsibilities I am juggling at any given time, it was extremely comforting to know that my goals for the [new Apptopia analytics] product would always be met, and that my bottom line was so high. I’ve recommended Brian to my peers because the worst possible end result they will get from him is so much higher than what most designers can provide at their best.

Jonathan KayJonathan Kay
CEO, Apptopia

[Brian is] the reference for a great designer

I always considered you as the reference for a great UX designer...

Omri KesselOmri Kessel
VP & GM Cloud Insights Software Business

What to Expect During Your Call

Once you submit your payment, you’ll receive a link to schedule your call/appointment in my calendar over Zoom. Typically, there will be slots available as soon as 24-72 hours out from the time you book the call. If a slot is not available at the time you need it, just reply to the scheduling email with 2-3 sooner options and I'll try to fit you in. If we can't find a suitable time, I'll refund your money in full on request.

You are welcome to record the call for future reference. Typically, these calls take about 60-90 minutes, but you are not "on the clock." If we need to go longer to get you clear, actionable advice that you can put into action immediately—we will.

Some of my recommendations may be tactical; others strategic, but you'll walk away knowing actionable steps you can take to get on track.

You can ask me just about anything, but most people ask about:

  • Spot data visualization, dashboard, and UI questions
  • Reviewing product/UX strategy ideas before committing fully
  • Improving engagement with AI/ML models, particularly around interpretability, clarity, and trust
  • Guidance for UX and design leaders on what they need to know about AI/ML/analytics
  • How to scale design and product mindset in an analytics or data science group
  • Understanding why and how to doing quatliative UX research with users and stakeholders
  • Team issues/challenges (who does what, establishing cross-functional relationships)
  • Running an independent consulting firm

Please note that this service is a one-time offering per project/product/initiative and additional calls must be spaced 6 months apart. If you need more of my time, please consider my Design Blueprint or Advisory Retainer services outlined on the Work With Me page.


Prospects were wowed by Brian's work; I wouldn’t hesitate to call him if I needed design strategy for another analytics product…

Brian’s questioning of our business and user objectives for a new video analytics SAAS–prior to any discussion of design solutions–was a bit unusual for me. In fact, I’ve rarely met anyone with a process like his. That said, by the time we started negotiating with Brian, we had already decided to work with him. One of the key capabilities Brian brought to the table was the ability to help us distinguish between "vanity" analytics and "actionable” analytics, so that our service’s data was always presented in a way to help users actually make better business decisions. In the end, the prospects to whom we showed Brian’s designs were wowed by the extremely clean and elegant presentation of our video analytics, and we got excellent feedback that this design was much better than the existing, highly established players in this space. At that point, we knew our main business challenge would be sales access, and not product quality. If I needed to develop a design strategy for another analytics product or service in the future, I wouldn’t hesitate to call Brian first.

Rohit SharmaRohit Sharma
Managing Director, North America
kPoint Technologies

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The price of the Brain Picking Call is $699.

It comes with a 100% money-back guarantee (see below).

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100% Money-Back Guarantee

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