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Finally—a private community for proponents of human-centered data products, AI, and analytics. Discover like-minded peers, network, and share.

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You're not the only one thinking that user experience is central to successful analytics, data science and data products. 

There are others just like you–so why not join them?

Wondering what other firms are doing to put users at the center of data projects and products?

Wondering if your challenges are unique, or if somebody has already solved the problems you face trying to drive adoption of analytics and data products?

Seeking to network with individuals with different industry experiences who are at your level and can relate to the data product challenges you have?

My Mastermind Pods can help!


There are a lot of data professionals in product management, analytics, and data science who are tired of building giant data projects that don't get used and don't  create value. They know, like you, that human-centered design and user experience are critical to the last mile—the place where data either serves the business or does not.

I will soon be accepting early applicants to my Mastermind Pods, first from my mailing list subscribers, and then from the general public.  A Pod is a hand-curated group that I set up personally to faciliate conversation, networking, and sharing between people like you. It also features ~monthly topical talks that I host privately with each Pod. There may also be "multi-Pod" discussions as well.

Each Pod will be mixed by industry, but homogenous by job level (so all members in a Pod would either be ICs, Director/VPs, or Exec/CxO).

Large, free, open chat communities often have very little active conversation, and it's hard to form a good relationship in that environment when there is no curation. I will personally hand-curate these Pods with the hope that you will form lifetime professional relationships with your Pod-mates.

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Benefits of Joining a Pod 

  • A kick off call facilitated by me where you get to meet your Pod-mates and have an initial chat about people's goals for the year, and how the group can help itself.
  • Monthly topic-driven video calls led by me. I will assign the topic in advance to the group, and facilitate a focused discussion on the topic at hand. The group can also propose a topic for future calls.
  • Private Slack channel with access to diverse perspectives around a common, human-centered theme: the data community loves to talk about technology, but there is often little or no discussion about the people using these services and how to optimize AI, ML and analytics for human use. Between our video calls,  use your Pod's private Slack channel to stay in touch, discuss challenges, and share wins.
  • Deeper, meaningful relationships.  Tired of open, public groups and Slack rooms with little to no discussion, vendor/service solicitations, and no real opportunity to form a deep relationship? My pods are small, intimate, and personal.
  • A place to share challenges...and wins: sometimes, it's tough to share a win at work...or a challenge. This is a place to get tips from like-minded individuals about what has worked and what hasn't in their own persuits of building useful, usable human-centered data products and tools.
  • Keep the same Pod, or mix it up: 1 month prior to the end of your subscription, you'll be given the choice to keep the same members for the next year, or rotate to a new Pod.
  • During Early Registration, get the lowest price—for life:  if you're join my early-access list, you can lock in the introductory pricing for life when you subscribe during that period.

Space is Extremely Limited At Launch

During early registration period (TBA), space will be limited to (1) Pod per per Pod Type. This means a total of (15) memberships would be available.

Who are Mastermind Pods for?

If you consider yourself an advocate for designing and building human-centered data products, and believe that the work to do this goes beyond the tools, math, and technology, then a Pod could be  good choice for you. I am envisioning Pods containing people from:

  • Data Science & Analytics
  • Product Management
  • Product Design / UX / Data Visualization

Everyone in your Pod may come from a different industry, but will have the same job level or responsibility (see Pod Types).

Pod Sizes, Acccess, Commitment and Duration

Pods will be 3-5 members in size subject to my discretion, and during early-registration, all members of a Pod will begin their membership access on the same date.

On special occasions, if you're looking for help from outside your official Pod, I am happy to try to arrange a discussion between you and a subscriber from another Mastermind Pod one-on-one—assuming that subscriber has special experience relevant to your situation, and is willing to chat with you.

Membership lasts 12 months from the official Pod start date (not the date you complete your payment for the year).

100% Money-Back Guarantee & Refund Policy 

After your Pod's kick-off call, you will have 60 days to cancel past the Pod start date and get a full refund, no questions asked.

If I cannot assign you to a Pod within 90 days of receiving your application and payment, you may request a full refund with no questions asked.

If a Pod member leaves during the first 60 days and your Pod drops below 3 members, I will notify the Pod and you will have 7 days to request a full refund. If this occurs, I will also attempt to re-fill your Pod. Once you reach at least 3 members again, we will have a new kickoff call, and you will be entitled to a fresh 12 months of access (extending your renewal date).

Pod Types (IC, Management, Executive)

All Pods will contain members who are at the same career level or job responsibilty level, however your Pod will be mixed by industry and potentially, discipline. If I believe there could be an industry conflict, I will notify you ahead of time (i.e. a bank leader in a Pod with an insurance leader). So, for example, there could be a healthcare data science VP in a group with a supply chain analytics director, and UX/design director at a data-driven software company. However, when possible, I will try to keep disciplines the same in a single Pod.

Everyone in your Pod will either be an Individual Contributor (IC), in Management, or in an Executive/CxO position—based on your own job responsibilties and our intake discussion.

See the pricing table below for how  job levels/titles match up to Pod types.

Annual Pricing & Early-Bird Lifetime Discounts

Pricing will be based on your job level:

Individual ContributorManagementCxO/Executive
  • Anyone not managing people
  • Team Lead
  • Manager
  • Director
  • VP
  • CxOs particularly CPO, CAO, CDO, CAIO
  • Chief Data Scientist
  • SVPs
  • Managing Directors
  • Head of Product

Pricing is via an annual subscription.

If you're an early bird subscriber and receive a discounted price, your first-year price is good for life, so long as you renew your membership without gaps.

Details on pricing will be released in late Summer/early Fall 2020, first to my mailing list, and then on this webpage. Subscribe to the early access list.

Online Format (via Slack)

Pods take place within Slack, using both the video-call feature for Hosted Discussions, and the text chat for all other networking. You are free to make 1x1 calls to your Pod-mates, but I encourage Pods to share as much to the full Pod as is possible. Pods are welcome to set up their own discussions using Slack's audio/video any time.

Policies, Participation Rules & Confidentiality

  1. Mastermind Pods adhere to the Chatham House Rule. In short, this means you are free to use the information shared in Pod text chats or live discussions, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s), nor that of any other participant, may be revealed. Do not share confidential information in your Pod unless you understand the risks and are aware there is no guarantee of your information remaining confidential.
  2. You are expected to contribute to conversations and the advancement of the Pod's knowledge. In short, this is not the place to just join and then just "lurk." If you are not participating actively in the calls and chat discussions, and your Pod-mates alert me that the Pod's value is diminished as a result, I will review your participation in the pod. If necessary, you will be removed from the pod without a refund—pro-rated or otherwise.
  3. To everyone, but especially participants who work for software companies, consultancies and services firms: you will not solicit members of your Pod—period. Pods are not the place for marketing or sales activities. If you Pod-mates request information about your services, by all means, feel free to have a discussion. If I find out your are soliciting your Pod-mates, you will be you will be removed from the pod without a refund—pro-rated or otherwise.

How to Apply / Qualifications

There are no formal qualifications around job titles or domain experience required to join a Pod. That said, networking is a social activity, and so much of what you get out of the Pod will be based on what you put into it through your own questions, responses, and contributions.

After you purchase access to a Pod, you'll receive an intake form with some questions about what you want to get out of and contribute to your pod. Once that is complete, you and I will schedule a brief 15-minute call one-on-one to make sure that a Pod is a good fit for you, and so that I know how to make the experience great for all Pod members.

While payment is taken in advance, your subscription does not begin until the Pod has its first kick-off call. See Pricing and Refund sections for details.

To get notified when I begin accepting applications, subscribe to the early access list:


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