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Are you an data product practitioner trying to apply product management and UX design practices to your ML, AI and analytics work—but you're having a lot of non-technical challenges along the way?

Do you feel like you're never quite sure if you're "doing data products the right way?"

Is it hard to see if you’re making progress — or to quantify the impact you’re having so you have something to put on your resume that will also delight your manager and stakeholders?

Does applying UX design to ML and analytics solutions sound good in theory…but there is resistance from colleagues or stakeholders who say there isn’t time, or they just want you to build to the requirements?

Are you in a management role trying to scale the producty method across your team and org, but meeting resistance from your team or stakeholders?

To help you address these challenges, I am considering launching a new Group Coaching pilot in 2024 which will be limited to 20 seats initially—but before I do that, I need your feedback:

While I have some interest already in this offering, I don’t know if enough of you have these challenges…and want help navigating them – from me.

So, in exchange for priority access to the pilot’s 20 seats—and special launch pricing if Group Coaching is offered—I’m looking to get feedback from my subscribers and followers.

You can help shape whether this should indeed be coaching, a new training offering, or perhaps nothing at all!

If you’d like to answer a few questions via email without any sales pressure, I’d find your feedback really invaluable.

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