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I can help you design forward-looking data products and apps using AI/ML/analytics, close the huge gap between your data team and product/biz stakeholders, turn unused analytics solutions into indispensable decision support solutions, and train your data scientists so you don't need to hire analytics translators.

My services are outlined below, and I look forward to working with you, just as I have with companies including:

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UI/UX and Algorithm Design

I design valuable digital experiences for data products, analytics solutions, and decision support tools/services. The "data industry" has a very low success rate, in part due data and busines teams not working together, overly complicated visualizations and interfaces, predictive models that are opaque or untrusted, and a data-first, problem-second approach to building human-centered solutions.

I invite inquiries from product leaders and data strategists who realize that AI, ML, and analytics efforts are only "innovative" if the last mile of the solution—where humans engage—is delightful, useful, and usable. While engagement is essential for any data product or solution to deliver value, I also seek to work with companies who believe an ethical approach to designing predictive algorithms and AI products will ultimately deliver the best value for them and their customers.

Whether you're a product leader or data strategist, I'd love to help you design a solution that produces positive outcomes.

Executive Sessions

I help executives and managers figure out how human-centered design helps data science, AI, and analytics initiatives to succeed. In private briefings and working sessions, I will share how some of the common reasons data products fail, how to integrate human-centered design into, and explore new strategies or data products your company is working on (or should be!)   These sessions are tailored to the organization’s specific needs and dilemmas. They vary from hour-long briefings to multi-day sessions exploring new strategies, the human-centered design process, and product concepts.


I can inspire and educate your product/business and technical teams to start centering their analytics, AI, and data science work  around people instead of the technology. My keynotes center around the core thing that organizations should be focused on when creating data products, AI models, and analytics solutions: useful, usable decision support. We'll look at the mistakes I see teams making, visual before/after examples, and discuss the business, customer, and ethical impacts of the design choices that teams make. If you're company is making applications, tools, or products with data, then you're already doing design—my keynotes will inspire your teams to start being deliberate in how they make design choices.  I'm consistently rated highly as a conference speaker, probably in part due to my professional background in music as a drummer/percussionist. I've performed in front of audiences of over 100,000 people, and spoken to groups both large and small. My inspiring style mixes fun, sarcasm, seriousness, and the occasional tambourine solo.  Here are some of my past speaking engagements.

Training Seminars

One of my philosophies is that design is a team sport. If you're making a data product, service, or solution that is going to involve human users making decisions and taking actions with the information, then you're already doing design—even if you don't see it that way today.  While it's getting easier to technically build AI solutions, predictive models, and data products, what eludes many technical people is how to get these solutions into production, make the product resonate with customers and delight the executive stakeholders who want to see an ROI on their data investments. My seminars are intended to help data people and their business counterparts learn to be deliberate with their design choices so they can consistently produce useful, usable, engaging solutions that deliver practical decision support.  As with the analytics translator role, my seminars will help talented data people improve their empathy, design, product, and consulting skills so they can deliver simple, useful solutions for customers. These seminars are held online using Slack and video, involve collaborative learning between the students, and are available for teams and individuals.

Next Seminar: January 2020 - Designing Human-Centered Data Science Solutions. 


Since design is a team sport, my workshops help data science, analytics, and product/business leaders learn how to work together to deliver useful outcomes with data, instead of just outputs.  I offer half-day, full-day, and two-day formats at conferences or in private settings.  Engineering or architecture leads are also welcome to join these sessions if they are involved in coming up with the strategy and customer experience. Example workshops:

  • The 1-Page, Same-Page Strategy Document - how to produce a useful, one-page strategy document for a product or initiative that will align the data/tech teams with their business/product counterparts around a common set of desired outcomes
  • Design for machine learning and AI (from algorithm design to UI/UX)
  • Turning vague requests for AI/ML into actionable data problems centered aroud real human needs/opportunities
  • Accelerating a data product MVP with prototyping and sketching skills
  • Conducting Problem-Finding Research and Usability Evaluations  - learn how to do qualitative research and test your solutions for usability, utility, and value
  • Turning IOT data and hardware telemmetry into useful performance monitoring applications and decision support experiences

Design Audit and Strategy Roadmap for Data Products

Do customers or business stakeholders struggle to perceive the value of your data product or model, despite significant data science and technical investment?

Are you seeing low user engagement with a SAAS analytics product, internal analytics service, custom data product, or other AI / decision support tool?

If your entire team is not aligned around why you are designing or redesigning your product/service, how success will be measured, and what needs to change to drive user adoption, you may end up being one of the 80%+ data initiatives that fail.  Whether you’re embarking on a new design project, or your current design feels wrong, looks bad, or is hard to use, my design and user experience audits can help. You'll learn why your AI or predictive model is not getting used, where friction is in your product/app, why you can't sell your solution easily, and what to do about it. You'll walk away with a strategy roadmap and more confidence on what design changes you need to make to get on track.  Learn more about design audits. 

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