Why the “V” in your MVP product/service may be totally wrong

I didn't come up with this, but it is *so* spot-on.  There are (2) MVPs out there you can build for analytics services, IOT, SAAS data products, and the like: 

Minimal Viable Products


Minimum Valuable Products.

Which one do customers care about?

Take a guess.

This doesn't mean you can't launch quickly and get feedback. But, it does mean you need to determine what is actually VALUABLE before you start designing. This means understanding your customer and business problems clearly, and being able to state them to your team so that they are actionable.  This is probably even more true for complex analytics and information products that can absolutely drown customers in noise if they aren't accompanied by an elegant experience. 

Viable is about "barely holding on."  Valuable doesn't necessarily mean "costlier and slower;" it just means you aligned your solution with the problem from the start.

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