What happens when you use templates for dashboards and analytics products?

I hear it all the time on Quora, in real life, and from clients:

"What BI tool should we use to visualize our data? Is there a good dashboard template you know of?"

When it comes to designing analytics products and dashboards, templates and libraries aren’t necessarily bad, if you have spent the time to ensure the template designs actually satisfy the tasks and goals users have for your product. Most people don’t take the time to do this; they start with their data, and try to pipe it into the provided design, assuming that fancy charts and tables will take care of the UX. They *look* great out of the box, and they do feed you a quick hit.

It's kinda like that first free dose from a dealer. But, then the high goes away after you aren't sure what to do with those numbers.

"Ok, so we sold 984 last month, and 876 the previous month." Now what?

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