Top 10 Experiencing Data Podcast Episodes for 2021

Everybody loves a Top 10 list at the end of the year!

How about one with pretty lousy data to back it up?


Analytics on analytics here ladies and gentlemen!

Since I know this audience will probably be asking what the data is behind the ranking, it's pretty simple: it's the number of downloads in the first 30 days after the episode was released. Unfortunately, the data begins in Feb 2021, and the rank also doesn't account for the overall growth of the subscribers/listeners, so "later shows" probably get a bit of a boost, but hey - I had to pull a favor at Podbean to even get this data!

So, with a grain of salt, here were the Top 10 most downloaded episodes of 2021.

Grab some 🎧 headphones and enjoy!

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061 – Applying a Product Mindset to Internal Data Products with Silicon Valley Product Group Partner Marty Cagan

March 23, 2021

Marty Cagan has had a storied career working as a product executive. With a resume that includes Vice President of Product at Netscape and Ebay, Marty is an expert in product management and strategy.    This week, Marty joins me on Experiencing Data to talk more about what a successful data product team looks like, … Read more

073 – Addressing the Functional and Emotional Needs of Users When Designing Data Products with Param Venkataraman

September 7, 2021

Simply put, data products help users make better decisions and solve problems with information. But how effective can data products be if designers don’t take the time to explore the complete needs of users?To Param Venkataraman, Chief Design Officer at Fractal Analytics, having an understanding of the “human dimension” of a problem is crucial to creating data solutions that create impact.

072 – How to Get Stakeholders to Reveal What They Really Need From a Data Product with Cindy Dishmey Montgomery

August 24, 2021

How do you extract the real, unarticulated needs from a stakeholder or user who comes to you asking for AI, a specific app feature, or a dashboard? On this episode of Experiencing Data, Cindy Dishmey Montgomery, Head of Data Strategy for Global Real Assets at Morgan Stanley, was gracious enough to let me put her on the spot and simulate a conversation between a data product leader and customer.

Eric Weber Head of Data Product: Experimentation, Analytics & Economic Insights at Yelp

078 – From Data to Product: What is Data Product Management and Why Do We Need It with Eric Weber

November 16, 2021

Eric Weber, Head of Data Product at Yelp, joins me for a conversation about data products the value that data product managers can bring to their companies.

075 – How CDW is Integrating Design, Data Science and Analytics into How It Creates Data Products with Prasad Vadlamani

October 5, 2021

Episode Description How do we get the most breadth out of design and designers when building data products? One way is to have designers be at the front leading the charge when it comes to creating data products that must be useful, usable, and valuable. For this episode Prasad Vadlamani, CDW’s Director of Data Science … Read more

067 – Why Roche Diagnostics’ BI and Data Science Teams Are Adopting Human-Centered Design and UX featuring Omar Khawaja

June 15, 2021

Episode Description In this episode, Omar and I have a great discussion about techniques for creating more user-centered data products that produce value – as well as how taking such an approach can lead to needed change management on how data is used and interpreted. In our chat, we covered: What Omar is responsible for … Read more

069 – The Role of Creativity and Product Thinking in Data Monetization with ‘Infonomics’ Author Doug Laney

July 13, 2021

Doug Laney is the preeminent expert in the field of infonomics – and it’s not just because he literally wrote the book on it. As the Data & Analytics Strategy Innovation Fellow at consulting firm West Monroe, Doug helps businesses use infonomics to measure the economic value of their data and monetize it. He also … Read more

074 – Why a Former Microsoft ML/AI Researcher Turned to Design to Create Intelligent Products from Messy Data with Abhay Agarwal

September 21, 2021

The challenges of design and AI are exciting ones to face. The key to being successful in that space lies in many places, but one of the most important is instituting the right design language.

066 – How Alison Magyari Used Design Thinking to Transform Eaton’s Business Analytics Approach to Creating Data Products

June 1, 2021

Episode Description Earlier this year, the always informative Women in Analytics Conference took place online. I didn’t go – but a blog post about one of the conference’s presentations on the International Institute of Analytics’ website caught my attention. The post highlighted key points from a talk called Design Thinking in Analytics that was given … Read more

065 – Balancing Human Intuition and Machine Intelligence with Salesforce Director of Product Management Pavan Tumu

May 17, 2021

I once saw a discussion on LinkedIn about a fraud detection model that had been built but never used. The model worked – it was expensive – but it just simply didn’t get used because the humans in the loop were not incentivized to use it. It was on this very thread that I first … Read more

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