Nobody Wants ML, AI, and Analytics.

They want a UX that provides indispensable decision support, useful insights, and actionable intelligence. 

My free resources below will help you learn how to use human-centered design to create innovative user experiences that turn technical outputs into valuable customer outcomes.

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Are customers not getting the value out of your data product, analytics SAAS, or decision support application?

My free self-assessment guide covers 9 key topics to help you make your service indispensable. Each day, for 9 days, you will also get an email lesson that goes deeper into the topic and provides recommendations on how to start taking action.

Want to learn how to design engaging data products your customers and stakeholders will use and value?

My self-guided video course—Designing Human-Centered Data Products—can help you learn the creative problem solving skills that data-driven software leaders need to produce useful, usable applications and solutions. Download the first module's video and written supplement, free.

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Here are (5) dashboard design suggestions you can start to apply today

By Brian T. O'Neill

If you’re in the analytics space, then you almost certainly have at least one “dashboard” customers use.  I generally define dashboards as the landing page for your product when people log in, and so keep that in mind as you … Read more

A Visual Introduction to Probability and Statistics

By Brian T. O'Neill

If you’re working on data or analytics products, then you’ll want to check this out whether it’s a refresher, or something to share with your team: Seeing Theory is a great visual introduction to probability and statistics from Brown University … Read more

Here’s a fast way to evaluate the utility of your dashboard design

By Brian T. O'Neill

Here’s a super easy thing you can do today to evaluate your data product’s dashboard. If you’re displaying quantitative data of any sort, especially trends, then this will probably help you come up with opportunities to improve your design. Of … Read more

Stop giving customers what they ask for. Yup, you heard me right!

By Brian T. O'Neill

Yup, I said it. Just say, “no” to customer requests for features. Or rather, say, “why do you need that?” Today’s design tip is simple: build the word “why” into your vocabulary when talking to your customers. Be incessant until you “ladder … Read more

Do you need an “analytics translator” or just better design?

By Brian T. O'Neill

“Marketing analytics can have substantial impact on a company’s growth. But if companies cannot figure out how to make the best use of it, in the end, it’s just another expense.”–McKinsey As most of you know by now, I’m particularly … Read more

What can McDonald’s teach you about prototyping?

By Brian T. O'Neill

As both a musician, and a product designer, I loved a scene in the recent movie, The Founder.  This film discusses the rise of McDonalds restaurants, and how the restaurant focused on its design and operations to enable speedy service to customers. … Read more

How can good design help you avoid product bloat and drift?

By Brian T. O'Neill

Let’s talk about your product’s drift and keeping it in check. As your product evolves, it will likely grow in size, and get more complex over time. You’ll listen to customers, adapt to their needs, and over time will begin … Read more

What’s the #1 way you can simplify your service?

By Brian T. O'Neill

Ok, you probably know this one, but let’s dig in a little farther. I recently started to explore using the TORBrowser when surfing on public wi-fi for more security (later finding out that using a VPN, and not TOR, is … Read more

(3) ways to use your analytics to simplify form field entry

By Brian T. O'Neill

Do you have some good analytics that could be helping customers out….if they gave you the right inputs up front? Today’s lesson is about using your analytics to facilitate the process of completing a form that requires users to type … Read more