Nobody Wants ML, AI, and Analytics.

Customers and users want a UX that provides indispensable decision support, useful insights, and actionable intelligence—their way. 

Before business value can emerge from your data product, there must be adoption, trust, usabilty and utility. 

This is the domain of human-centered design.

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A UX and UI framework for designing effective decision support software applications that leverage data science and analytics.

How do you make data products and services engaging without AI and advanced analytics?

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Keeping Analytics Solutions in Check with Customer Needs

By Brian T. O'Neill

Ears, Eyes and Empathy Guide the Best MVPs AI and Machine Learning Are Not a Panacea for Every Analytics Problem  Since AI, predictive, and prescriptive analytics are big right now, there is a tendency for companies to “want” to use … Read more

Designing MVPs for Data Products and Decision Support Tools

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