Nobody Wants ML, AI, and Analytics.

Customers and users want a UX that provides indispensable decision support, useful insights, and actionable intelligence—their way. 

Before business value can emerge from your data product, there must be adoption, trust, usabilty and utility. 

This is the domain of human-centered design.

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Is there a faster way than MVPs to create data products that actually get used, are simple, and are trustworthy?

10 challenges internal data leaders will face creating a revenue-generating data product

By Brian T. O'Neill

Satisfying internal vs. external customers is not the same. What do data science, analytics, and engineering leaders need to know about the messy world of birthing a new commercial data-driven product?

Why software teams need to look beyond “user-centered” when referring to ML or AI-driven data products

By Brian T. O'Neill

As a designer, I used to say “user-centered”-a lot. It’s terminology we now hear from non-designers now, people like many of you. That’s a good thing. But, I want you and your teams to think bigger. For me, that “user-centered” … Read more

Heads vs. Hands

By Brian T. O'Neill

If you’re struggling to solve human problems with data, the mindset of your analytics org may be the problem.

Intergalactic data infrastructures != customer value

By Brian T. O'Neill

Ok, let’s dive into another reader question. This time from Loris via LinkedIn originally: Cheers, Loris My take? Just buy Snowflake – it will fix everything. Just kidding. Actually, one thing I think I’m hearing more from leaders (which is … Read more

“No more dashboards!”

By Brian T. O'Neill

Is it time to stop using dashboards in analytics solutions and data product design?

How to get 1 x 1 research access to users of enterprise data products—when your own company is in the way

By Brian T. O'Neill

Are you a leader in charge of creating innovative ML and analytics solutions within a very large enterprise organization? Getting the “makers” of the solutions talking to real end-users can be extremely difficult. Here’s how to navigate the gatekeepers and bureaucracy so that the data products you spend so much time and money building actually are useful, usable, and valuable.

AI / Product Management / UX Design Predictions for 2021

By Brian T. O'Neill

I’m not putting out a long list of 2021 predictions, but I have a couple that I will mention to you that are on my radar. First, AI/Data Product Management Seems to be Picking Up There seem to be more jobs appearing … Read more

Does an analytical mind block your innovation and creativity?

By Brian T. O'Neill

Data science, analytics, and engineering are in-demand skills, however, when building customer-facing applications and data-driven products, organizations rely on innovation to unlock the power of this data. How can analytical minds practice creativity that leads to innovative solutions?

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