014 – How Worthington Industries Makes Predictive Analytics Useful from the Steel Mill Floor to the Corner Office with Dr. Stephen Bartos

Dr. Stephen Bartos, Manager of Predictive Analytics at Worthington Industries

Today we are joined by the analytics “man of steel,” Steve Bartos, the Manager of the Predictive Analytics team in the steel processing division at Worthington Industries. 😉 At Worthington, Steve is tasked with strategically driving impactful analytics wider and deeper across the division and, as part of this effort, helps ensure an educated, supported, … Read more

012 – Dr. Andrey Sharapov (Data Scientist, Lidl) on explainable AI and demystifying predictions from machine learning models for better user experience

Dr. Andrey Sharapov, Senior Data Scientist and Machine Learning Engineer @ Lidl

Dr. Andrey Sharapov is a senior data scientist and machine learning engineer at Lidl. He is currently working on various projects related to machine learning and data product development including analytical planning tools that help with business issues such as stocking and purchasing. Previously, he spent 2 years at Xaxis and he led data science … Read more

011 – Gadi Oren (VP Product, LogicMonitor) on analytics for monitoring applications and looking at declarative analytics as “opinions”

Gadi Oren, VP of Product for LogicMonitor

My guest today is Gadi Oren, the VP of Product for LogicMonitor. Gadi is responsible for the company’s strategic vision and product initiatives. Previously, Gadi was the CEO and Co-Founder of ITculate, where he was responsible for developing world-class technology and product that created contextual monitoring by discovering and leveraging application topology. Gadi previously served … Read more

009 – Nancy Hensley (Chief Digital Officer, IBM Analytics) on the role of design and UX in modernizing analytics tools as old as 50 years

Nancy Hensley, Chief Digital Officer for IBM Analytics

Nancy Hensley is the Chief Digital Officer for IBM Analytics, a multi-billion dollar IBM software business focused on helping customers transform their companies with data science and analytics. Nancy has over 20 years of experience working in the data business in many facets from development, product management, sales, and marketing.    Today’s episode is probably … Read more

008 – Dr. Puneet Batra (Assoc. Director, Machine Learning at Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard) on aligning data science with biz objectives, user research, understanding workflows, and jazz

Dr. Puneet Batra, Assoc. Dir. of Machine Learning at the Broad Institute

Dr. Puneet Batra is the Associate Director of Machine Learning at the Broad Institute, where his team builds machine learning algorithms and pipelines to help discover new biological insights and impact disease. Puneet has spent his career stitching together data-driven solutions: in location data analysis, as cofounder of LevelTrigger; in health care, as Chief Data … Read more

006 – Julien Benatar (PM for Pandora’s data service, Next Big Sound) on analytics for musicians, record labels and performing artists

Julien Benatar - Product Manager for Next Big Sound at Pandora

We’re back with a special music-related analytics episode! Following Next Big Sound’s acquisition by Pandora, Julien Benatar moved from engineering into product management and is now responsible for the company’s analytics applications in the Creator Tools division. He and his team of engineers, data scientists and designers provide insights on how artists are performing on … Read more