006 – Julien Benatar (PM for Pandora’s data service, Next Big Sound) on analytics for musicians, record labels and performing artists

Julien Benatar - Product Manager for Next Big Sound at Pandora

We’re back with a special music-related analytics episode! Following Next Big Sound’s acquisition by Pandora, Julien Benatar moved from engineering into product management and is now responsible for the company’s analytics applications in the Creator Tools division. He and his team of engineers, data scientists and designers provide insights on how artists are performing on … Read more

000 – Welcome to Experiencing Data

Hey, everyone. I’m Brian O’Neill and I’m excited to share my new podcast with you called Experiencing Data. I’m a consultant specializing in design and user experience for custom enterprise data products and apps. I’m also the founder and principal of Designing for Analytics. My goal with this podcast is to expose you to you … Read more