073 – Addressing the Functional and Emotional Needs of Users When Designing Data Products with Param Venkataraman

Simply put, data products help users make better decisions and solve problems with information. But how effective can data products be if designers don’t take the time to explore the complete needs of users?To Param Venkataraman, Chief Design Officer at Fractal Analytics, having an understanding of the “human dimension” of a problem is crucial to creating data solutions that create impact.

072 – How to Get Stakeholders to Reveal What They Really Need From a Data Product with Cindy Dishmey Montgomery

How do you extract the real, unarticulated needs from a stakeholder or user who comes to you asking for AI, a specific app feature, or a dashboard? On this episode of Experiencing Data, Cindy Dishmey Montgomery, Head of Data Strategy for Global Real Assets at Morgan Stanley, was gracious enough to let me put her on the spot and simulate a conversation between a data product leader and customer.