114 – Designing Anti-Biasing and Explainability Tools for Data Scientists Creating ML Models with Josh Noble

Today I’m chatting with Josh Noble, Principal User Researcher at TruEra. TruEra is working to improve AI quality by developing products that help data scientists and machine learning engineers improve their AI/ML models by combatting things like bias and improving explainability. Throughout our conversation, Josh—who also used to work as a Design Lead at IDEO.org—explains … Read more

113 – Turning the Weather into an Indispensable Data Product for Businesses with Cole Swain, VP Product at tomorrow.io

Today I’m chatting with Cole Swain, VP of Product at Tomorrow.io. Tomorrow.io is an untraditional weather company that creates data products to deliver relevant business insights to their customers. Together, Cole and I explore the challenges and opportunities that come with building an untraditional data product. Cole describes some of the practical strategies he’s developed … Read more