146 – (Rebroadcast) Beyond Data Science – Why Human-Centered AI Needs Design with Ben Shneiderman 

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146 - (Rebroadcast) Beyond Data Science - Why Human-Centered AI Needs Design with Ben Shneiderman 

Hey everyone - I had a little production schedule change with the podcast that was originally scheduled for today, so instead I am bringing you a rebroadcast of a past episode. Why? Because I want to have this guest back on the show to talk about his book that I have just started reading - and I think this is a good prep for that given how much this show has grown since I first had Ben on.

So, today, I am rebroadcasting episode 62 with Ben Shneiderman as it’s been a few years, and Ben has been talking about the importance of design for AI much longer than many. Ben is a distinguished professor at the Univ of MD in the computer science department and has been researching and writing about design and HCI for a very long time.

Additionally, since episode 62 was published, Ben’s book, Human-centered AI, is now out, and I’ve started reading it finally!   I’m hoping to have Ben back on the show to do a follow-up given how much the AI landscape has changed – even since his book was released.

As a consulting product designer specializing in AI and analytical data products, I am always looking for insightful information and Ben always has a wealth of perspective to share. To me, successful design for AI means we’re always looking to balance the needs of customers and users, the business or sponsoring organization, and the ecosystem of third parties including those affected by products we make. This is hard enough, not to mention the ongoing challenges with data privacy, governmental policy, ethics, and model explainability or interpretability. When you add on the advancements in GenAI which seem to be coming out at a weekly pace, it’s a lot to stay on top of for a modern product team!

One final note for this audience in this moment of design and AI: a thought leader in UX who I have had on the show before recently told me in a LinkedIn post/comment that “AI” means “GenAI” to everyone else. Other forms of AI are called by what they functionally do. So, a “sales predictor” or a “product recommender.” I thought that was an interesting observation.  Let me know what you think by leaving an audio comment for me at designingforanalytics.com/podcast

You can keep up with Ben’s writing on AI, policy, UX design, and the commentary of others in this field via his HCAI Google Group to which I am a subscriber myself.  Until then, here is my replay of episode 62 from April 2021 with Ben Shneiderman, author of Human-Centered AI.


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