133 – New Experiencing Data Interviews Coming in January 2024

Experiencing Data with Brian O'Neill (Designing for Analytics)
Experiencing Data with Brian T. O'Neill
133 - New Experiencing Data Interviews Coming in January 2024

Today I am sharing some highlights for 2023 from the podcast, and also letting you all know I’ll be taking a break from the podcast for the rest of December, but I’ll be back with a new episode on January 9th, 2024. I’ve also got two links to share with you—details inside! 


Greetings everyone - I’m taking a little break from Experiencing Data over December of 2023, but I’ll be back in January with more interviews and insights on leveraging UX design and product management to create indispensable data products, machine learning apps, and decision support tools. 

Experiencing Data turned this year five years old back in November, with over 130 episodes to date! I still can’t believe it’s been going that long and how far we’ve come. 

Some highlights for me in 2023 included launching the Data Product Leadership Community, finding out that the show is now in the top 2% of all podcasts worldwide according to ListenNotes, and most of all, hearing from you that the podcast, and my writing, and the guests that  I have brought on are having an impact on your work, your careers, and hopefully the lives of your customers, users, and stakeholders as well! 

So, for now, I’ve got just two links for you:

If you’re wondering how to either:

  • support the show yourself with a really fast review on Apple Podcasts,
  • to record a quick audio question for me to answer on the show,
  •  or if you want to join my free Insights mailing lists where I share my bi-weekly ideas and thoughts and 1-page episode summaries of all the show drops that I put out here on Experiencing Data.

…just head over to designingforanalytics.com/podcast and you’ll get links to all those things there.

And secondly, if you need help increasing customer adoption, delight, the business value, or the usability of your analytics and machine learning applications in 2024, I invite you to set up a free discovery call with me 1 on 1.

You bring the questions, I’ll bring my ears, and by the end of the call, I’ll give you my best advice on how to move forward with your situation – whether it’s working with me or not. To schedule one of those free discovery calls, visit designingforanalytics.com/go

And finally, there will be some news coming out next year with the show, as well as my business, so I hope you’ll hop on the mailing list and stay tuned, that’s probably the best place to do that. And if you celebrate holidays in December and January, I hope they’re safe, enjoyable, and rejuvenating. Until 2024, stay tuned right here - and in the words of the great Arnold Schwarzenegger, I’ll be back.

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