091 – How Brazil’s Biggest Fiber Company, Oi, Leverages Design To Create Useful Data Products with Sr. Exec. Design Manager, João Critis

Today I talked with João Critis from Oi. Oi is a Brazilian telecommunications company that is a pioneer in convergent broadband services, pay TV, and local and long-distance voice transmission. They operate the largest fiber optics network in Brazil which reaches remote areas to promote digital inclusion of the population. João manages a design team … Read more

089 – Reader Questions Answered about Dashboard UX Design 

Dashboards are at the forefront of today’s episode, and so I will beresponding to some reader questions who wrote in to one of my weekly mailing list missives about this topic. I’ve not talked much about dashboards despite their frequent appearance in data product UIs, and in this episode, I’ll explain why. Here are some … Read more

088 – Doing UX Research for Data Products and The Magic of Qualitative User Feedback with Mike Oren, Head of Design Research at Klaviyo

Mike Oren, Head of Design Research at Klaviyo, joins today’s episode to discuss how we do UX research for data products—and why qualitative research matters. Mike and I recently met in Lou Rosenfeld’s Quant vs. Qual group, which is for people interested in both qualitative and quantitative methods for conducting user research. Mike goes into … Read more