Designing an Effective Honeymoon Phase in Your Product (Part 1)

Let's talk about honeymoons for a second. I don't mean that trip to Cancun, but instead, those first couple weeks of product use where people are evaluating your service, and hoping to realize some of the values that drove them to become your customer in the first place.

Some people call this "onboarding," but I like to think of it as something that happens for a longer period than the customer's first or second session using your product.

Consumer products usually have a much easier time at designing successful user onboarding processes as there are typically a lot fewer considerations, dependencies, or gaps that must be filled before the product's value is obvious. This is often not the case with B2B and enterprise software, especially in the data and analytics space. In order to delight, you need to look at the entire time period (could be days to weeks) between the setup/install/registration, and what I call the "Nth visit" (the point at which your service's value is obvious to customers). More in Part 2...

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