Video Sample: 2018 O’Reilly Strata Conference (NYC)

This is recording of my presentation at the O’Reilly Strata Data Conference in New York City in 2018. Gartner says 85%+ of big data projects will fail, despite the fact your company may have invested millions on engineering implementation. Why are customers and employees not engaging with these products and services? Brian O’Neill explains why a … Read more

Why the difference between design and Design may make or break your data product.

Commuters in a Terminal

Good Design–what I sometimes call—”Capital D Design”—has the power to make your data sing, delight customers/users, bring new/better ROI to your organization, provide inspiration to teams, reduce complexity, reduce engineering cost, save time for users, and expose new value in your existing service. However, the big gains usually don’t come from focusing on the surface level alone. Better data visualization cannot fix every data product and analytics problem.

Dashboard Design: Is Maximum Simplicity the Goal?

Should maximum simplicity dictate success? We all love usability these days right? “User experience is important.” Of course it is! But, it doesn’t mean that every user you show the design to is going to, or should immediately be able to, understand fully what you’re showing them. Why? Most valuable things in life take a … Read more

How can you possibly design your service effectively without these?

I’m working with a large, household-name technology company right now on a large project, and they struggle with one of the same things so many of my clients struggle with. Today’s topic is articulating use cases and goals in an effective manner that allows your design and development to proceed with clarity and accountability. If … Read more

Reader questions answered: “what are your top concerns designing for analytics?”

Today I want to respond to a reader who answered a previous email I sent you all about your top concerns designing for analytics. Here’s Évans’ email: +++++ In analytics, it’s not like a CRUD [Create-Read-Update-Delete] with a simple wizard-like workflow (Input – Validate – Save). It’s kinda hard to keep the user focused when there are … Read more

UI Review: Next Big Sound (Music Analytics) – Part 1

Today I got an interesting anomaly email from a service I use called Next Big Sound. Actually, I don’t use the service too much, but it crosses two of my interests: music and analytics. Next Big Sound aggregates music playback data from various music providers (Spotify, Pandora, etc) and also, apparently, tries to correlate changes … Read more

“Post-truth,” data analytics, and omissions–are these design considerations?

Post-truth. The 2016 word of the year. Yikes for some of us. This got me thinking about UX around data, analytics, and information, and what it means when we present conclusions or advice based on quantitative data. Are those “facts”? If your product generates actionable information for customers, then during your design phase, your team … Read more

How can better design save your business $10,000 this week?

You can save $10,000 / week pretty easily through better design. One of the values that clients don’t always understand is that good design not only improves customer experience and drives revenue, but it also reduces time wasted on engineering the wrong product/feature/design. My solution to this is to get design involved ahead of engineering … Read more

Designing an Effective Honeymoon Phase in Your Product (Part 2)

Let’s jump to part 2! Last week I mentioned that the free DFA Self-Assessment Guide introduces ideas for designing a honeymoon user experience and how to audit your own product’s success in this phase of the customer lifecycle. Here in part 2, I want to share some specific actionable steps you can take to improve the honeymoon … Read more