Here are (5) dashboard design suggestions you can start to apply today

If you’re in the analytics space, then you almost certainly have at least one “dashboard” customers use.  I generally define dashboards as the landing page for your product when people log in, and so keep that in mind as you browse today’s design suggestions: Your dashboard is probably too low on information density.  Dashboards with … Read more

A Visual Introduction to Probability and Statistics

If you’re working on data or analytics products, then you’ll want to check this out whether it’s a refresher, or something to share with your team: Seeing Theory is a great visual introduction to probability and statistics from Brown University created specifically by Daniel Kunin. Enjoy! Visit More Free Insights: Subscribe Now to the … Read more

Here’s a fast way to evaluate the utility of your dashboard design

Here’s a super easy thing you can do today to evaluate your data product’s dashboard. If you’re displaying quantitative data of any sort, especially trends, then this will probably help you come up with opportunities to improve your design. Of course, testing the design with real users is always the best way to evaluate your … Read more

What happens when you use templates for dashboards and analytics products?

I hear it all the time on Quora, in real life, and from clients: “What BI tool should we use to visualize our data? Is there a good dashboard template you know of?” When it comes to designing analytics products and dashboards, templates and libraries aren’t necessarily bad, if you have spent the time to … Read more

Maybe your product’s problem is information *underload*

We’ve all heard about information overload, and the paradox of choice. Don’t you love those thai menus with every type of sauce, noodle, and protein, all written out as separate dishes? “I’ll have item D132 with no water chestnuts….no, I mean the one with chicken on page 12….yeah, that one.” There’s a ton of data … Read more