My Top 10 Predictions for Data Product Leaders in 2022

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Below are ten 2022 predictions for data product leaders and organizations trying to leverage ML and analytics in their software, tools, apps, and services. From the lens of a consulting product designer. Yea, you head that one right. If that PhD in physics, statistics, math or engineering in you is already making you cringe, you may depart this … Read more

Why software teams need to look beyond “user-centered” when referring to ML or AI-driven data products

As a designer, I used to say “user-centered”—a lot. It’s terminology we now hear from non-designers now, people like many of you. That’s a good thing. But, I want you and your teams to think bigger. For me, that “user-centered” descriptor is missing something about design, and particularly so if you are working on ML/AI systems. … Read more

How to get 1 x 1 research access to users of enterprise data products—when your own company is in the way

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Are you a leader in charge of creating innovative ML and analytics solutions within a very large enterprise organization? Getting the “makers” of the solutions talking to real end-users can be extremely difficult. Here’s how to navigate the gatekeepers and bureaucracy so that the data products you spend so much time and money building actually are useful, usable, and valuable.