A Venture Capitalist’s Take on Designing Useful Big Data Products

I loved this quote:

”Identify 2-3 need-to-know insights, and make that the focus of the product. Rather than thinking about competing products, think about competing processes. The goal of the product is to be consistently used by all users, not just power users, and the only way to accomplish this is to make it as simple as possible to discover the relevant insights. Reduce clicks and noise.”

While a couple years old, this is from a solid TechCrunch article by Kyle Fugere of dunnhumby Ventures. While I don't entirely agree with everything such as the comments about "too much information," the spirit of Kyle's article is entirely sound. I also love this: "​Most big data startups are simply interpreting and presenting data to end users. However, the ability to do that effectively is something that many startups struggle to achieve." 

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