Brian T. O'Neill

Founder & Principal

Brian T. O'Neill is the founder of Designing for Analytics and a consulting product designer who helps companies create innovative ML and analytics solutions. For over 20 years, he has worked with companies including DellEMC, Global Strategy Group, Tripadvisor, Fidelity, JP Morgan Chase, ETrade and several SAAS startups. He has spoken internationally, giving talks at O'Reilly Strata, Enterprise Data World, the International Institute for Analytics Symposium, Predictive Analytics World, and Boston College. Brian also hosts the highly rated podcast, Experiencing Data, where he reveals the strategies and activities that product, data science and analytics leaders are using to deliver human-centered data products. Brian also authored the DFA Self-Assessment Guide, teaches a seminar called Designing Human-Centered Data Science Solutions, and publishes a weekly Insights mailing list. In 2020, Brian began advising students in MIT's Sandbox Innovation Fund and was published in O'Reilly Media's 97 Things About Ethics in Data Science Everyone Should Know.

A classical and jazz musician by training, Brian is also a professional drummer and percussionist in Boston. He tours internationally and has performed at Carnegie Hall, The Kennedy Center, and maybe your local tiki bar. Follow him on Twitter (@rhythmspice) and join his Insights mailing list at

Happening Now

As of March 2021:

  • Teaching my private Seminar beginning March 15! Only happens 2x/year in this public format.
  • Conducting research with design and UX leaders on their approaches to integration of machine intelligence (AI/ML etc) into their products. Want to participate? Schedule a call here
  • Advising MIT's Sandbox Innovation Fund students
  • Preparing to give talks at DataScienceGo and DataSummit conferences
  • Researching my first book!
  • Preparing for the return of the performing arts industry (my other career is as a musician and composer)

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