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As a podcast host, I am routinely sent pitches to be on my show which has over 130 episodes as of the end of 2023. Sometimes, these episodes fall into what I call the "not quite on topic" but "potentially interesting to my audience."

Here's a great example:

Let's say you have a product or service that can cut down on my machine learning model-training time by 50%. Now, my audience of data product leaders may find that interesting. However, my show is not about the engineering and model-making aspects of AI. It's about increasing meaningful user adoption, tangible business value, and building ethical, human-centered ML/AI solutions by leveraging the methods of software UX design and product management.

This is where your Promoted Episode come in.

In 2024, I will be experimenting with hosting promoted, full length interviews just like I conduct with my regular guests. These episodes will allow me to experiment with broader topics, without alienating my audience as they will see a "Promoted" stamp next to your episode.

I will be highly selective with who I invite for Promoted Episodes, and I will not be facilitating product pitches, demos, or softball episodes. Retaining my audience's trust is my #1 goal.  As such, your Promoted Episode will still have to answer the question, "what's in it for the listener?"

Who listens to Experiencing Data?

Analytics on podcasts (!) are pretty opaque, but I suggest you look at our 35+ Apple Podcast reviews (5★) for ideas on who listens. My show hosts and routinely has as guests data product managers, CDOs, CPOs, VP/Heads of Data Science/Data Products/Analytics, and similar leaders in UX Design roles. For over 130 episodes, I have targeted this audience, and given the 5★ Apple Podcast rating, I think it's safe to assume that the intended audience is the one listening the most.

Show Stats and Benefits to You:

  • Get exposure on a show in the top 2% of all podcasts in the world (source:, Dec. 2023)
  • Reach a data product leadership audience that actually takes action on the ideas they hear: I built and launched the Data Product Leadership Community solely from my mailing list and podcast audience.  Bring your best ideas and make them actionable so my audience can support them.
  • Rated 5 ★ stars on Apple Podcast as of 2023
  • By and for decision makers who integrate product management and UX design with ML/AI, analytics and business strategy: since the first episode on Nov. 21, 2018, all 130+ episodes to date have been focused on decision makers in software product management, data product management, data science/ML/AI, and analytics.
  • Not an ad! Get a real ~30-45 min. interview and episode: unlike ad spots that can be skipped over, on our episode together, you'll get the same interview experience I give all of my invited guests.
  • Go beyond audio: get exposure to my 2,000 mailing list subscribers and 14,000+ LinkedIn followers: your episode can be summarized for my mailing list, fully transcribed for SEO on my website, and quotes/excerpts can be put into my Twitter and LinkedIn social media post/rotations.
  • Get it live fast...or on a specific date: while I still retain final control over the episode publish date, most episodes can be out in as soon as 2-4 weeks and there is an option to request a specific date to align with a future event,  product launch, etc. that you may have coming up.

The Go-To Podcast for Data Product Management

I‘m constantly gathering new input for my work as PM but I also recommend this Podcast for anyone who just wants to get a understanding of the topic.

Fredoo_ via Apple Podcasts Germany

The perfect complement to my CPO program at the Kellogg School of Management

I work in Life Sciences industry where Big Data is a Big Problem. Many of the BioTeam’s clients are struggling with transforming their data. I am in the Chief Product Officer Program at the Kellogg School of Management. The "Experiencing Data” podcast has been the perfect complement to my program. Brian and his guests keep you up on the latest data trends and provide value practical information you can use as soon as you finish the podcast.

Stan Gloss
Co-Founder & Fellow
BioTeam Inc.

Tremendously valuable…Insights in how to think about analytics projects

Many of the blog posts, podcasts, etc. are focused on the technical "how" behind analytics and visualization (e.g. which library or tool to use, streaming or batch). This podcast focuses more on the critical link between the business strategy, user experience and use case for analytics projects and the technical underpinnings. For anyone looking at making their data products more successful, these discussions are tremendously valuable.


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Audio only:

  • Professionally edited audio by Humblepod
  • Unique episode URL and title card with guest headshot, company name, and title
  • Simple text summary: Your URL can contain 3 outbound links to your product/service, and a 1-paragraph summary (you provide) summarizing what we discussed and any key points/take-aways. The only restriction is that the paragraph can’t be sales-focused, overtly promotional, or fail to represent what we actually discussed on the episode.
  • 1 basic broadcast to my Insights mailing list about your episode. Limited to the show title, guest name, link, and your brief paragraphy summary.



Audio + text versions:

  • Everything in Bronze plus:
  • 1-page, human-edited show summary including cue markers for key points. Ex:  "(3:43) Diane explains her definition of data products"
  • Full SEO-indexable text transcript, word for word, of our interview added to the episode URL (SEO boost for your content)
  • 1 deluxe broadcast to my Insights mailing list - I will include the entire 1-page show summary in the email I send to my subscribers



Audio, text & 6 months promotion:

  • Reach my 14,000+ social media followers - I will share a minimum of 3 quote-posts from your episode on LinkedIn and X
  • Get priority in my podcast-related social media posts for 1-2 weeks (until all your quote-posts have been published), all of my social media posts about my podcast will be about your episode. I will tag the guest as well.
  • 6 additional months of promotion on LinkedIn:  after the initial launch, your episode quote-posts will go into a regular rotation of quote-posts from my show's episode archive.
  • LinkedIn posts are double published via my personal profile and my company page (Designing for Analytics)
  • Release it ASAP or schedule your episode release date: Your episode can be moved into the next available slot in my production queue, or lock in a specific date if you need to align this with a specific launch, event, or promotion.


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