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Globally ranked in the top 2% of all podcasts

Wondering how today's software and data product leaders are designing ML/AI and analytics solutions that actually get used? How can UX design and product management enable data science an AI to produce economic value and human-centered solutions?

The monster in the room of data products is "low adoption." Low utility, low usability, low value.

My name is Brian T. O'Neill, and on Experiencing Data, I offer you a designer's perspective on why simply building the pipelines, models, and platforms behind AI/ML apps isn't enough to drive meaningful user and business outcomes with data. Since 2018, this show has been dedicated to data products and according to ListenNotes, it's now ranked in the top 2% of all podcasts globally—thanks to listeners like you.

Through solo episodes and interviews with AI/ML, product management, UX design, and innovation leaders, I unpack the thinking, methods, and lessons learned that you can apply to the design of your own ML/AI apps and data products.

The show also covers topics like:

  • The "producty" approach to building internal AI/ML and analytics solutions for decision support
  • Explorations of the differences between doing internal vs. external (e.g. SAAS) data product management
  • Designing UI/UX for explainability and model interpretability
  • UXR methods for uncovering the unarticulated needs and problems of stakeholders and users
  • Why data visualization alone isn’t sufficient for dashboards and decision support tools
  • Executive/CDO/CPO spotlights including case studies and lessons learned designing data teams to be product-oriented

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The Go-To Podcast for Data Product Management

I‘m constantly gathering new input for my work as PM but I also recommend this Podcast for anyone who just wants to get a understanding of the topic.

Fredoo_ via Apple Podcasts Germany

The perfect complement to my CPO program at the Kellogg School of Management

I work in Life Sciences industry where Big Data is a Big Problem. Many of the BioTeam’s clients are struggling with transforming their data. I am in the Chief Product Officer Program at the Kellogg School of Management. The "Experiencing Data” podcast has been the perfect complement to my program. Brian and his guests keep you up on the latest data trends and provide value practical information you can use as soon as you finish the podcast.

Stan Gloss
Co-Founder & Fellow
BioTeam Inc.

An oasis of design for analytics

HCD paired with Analytics is something I’ve thought about for a while. It still feels like not enough people really embrace it. Stumbling upon this podcast was like finding a little oasis of hope. Well done!

brennantim via Apple Podcasts

Great podcast providing the right balance of thought-provoking insights and practical tips

As a product lead in clinical decision support space, I am enjoying this podcast very much. Good combination of strategy, product and design thinking. Brian does a great job with the diversity of speakers and he is a talented moderator. Every time I am leaving with deep reflections and some action steps to follow-up with my teams. Recommended for business, product and UX leads building data/analytics solutions!

Fbidontlikethisfeature via Apple Podcasts

Great insights, in this to-the-point podcast

Great podcast on the human side of data science. Brian asks questions that trigger interesting responses from the well-established guests. Lots of insights, how we can use empathy to build better data products. I appreciate the human centric approach.

GilbertE2020 from Netherlands

Tremendously valuable…Insights in how to think about analytics projects

Many of the blog posts, podcasts, etc. are focused on the technical "how" behind analytics and visualization (e.g. which library or tool to use, streaming or batch). This podcast focuses more on the critical link between the business strategy, user experience and use case for analytics projects and the technical underpinnings. For anyone looking at making their data products more successful, these discussions are tremendously valuable.


Top notch…entertaining and informative content!

As a data analyst and consumer of many data related podcast, I found Brian’s show to be top notch as its very informative and insightful. If you enjoy designing and building great data products that meet the needs of your business users, then you should check out this show!


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Join my DFA Insights mailing list to get weekly insights on creating human-centered data products, special offers on my training courses and seminars, and one-page briefs about each new episode of #ExperiencingData.

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