The Experiencing Data Podcast

Hashtag: #ExperiencingData

Hosted by Brian O'Neill

Founder and Principal of Designing for Analytics

Make your data product or decision support app indispensable. Brian reveals the strategies and activities that product, data science and analytics leaders are using to deliver valuable experiences around data. From traditional analytics to ML and AI, Brian and his guests explore how extraordinary value can be created when UX and human-centered design are applied to data science and analytics. Great for data scientists, analytics leaders, CDOs, CAOs, product managers, and designers. Use the hashtag #ExperiencingData.

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Great insights, in this to-the-point podcast

Great podcast on the human side of data science. Brian asks questions that trigger interesting responses from the well-established guests. Lots of insights, how we can use empathy to build better data products. I appreciate the human centric approach.

GilbertE2020 from Netherlands

Tremendously valuable…Insights in how to think about analytics projects

Many of the blog posts, podcasts, etc. are focused on the technical "how" behind analytics and visualization (e.g. which library or tool to use, streaming or batch). This podcast focuses more on the critical link between the business strategy, user experience and use case for analytics projects and the technical underpinnings. For anyone looking at making their data products more successful, these discussions are tremendously valuable.


Top notch…entertaining and informative content!

As a data analyst and consumer of many data related podcast, I found Brian’s show to be top notch as its very informative and insightful. If you enjoy designing and building great data products that meet the needs of your business users, then you should check out this show!


About the Podcast

Make your enterprise data product or decision support app indispensable. Brian T. O’Neill (Founder and Principal @ Designing for Analytics) reveals the strategies and activities that product, data science and analytics leaders are using to deliver valuable user experiences that drive business value. Each episode, Brian explores his guests' expertise, experiences, and lessons learned while trying to turn today's advanced analytics, ML, and AI capabilities into simple, engaging, useful software applications for people.

The show also features special episodes on the role data is playing in the world of music. Fun fact: the bumper music was composed by Brian for his ensemble, Mr. Ho's Orchestrotica, from the album, Where Here Meets There.

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