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Help your Colleagues Self-Assess the Design and UX of a Data Product or Analytics Service

If you're on this page, you have probably read my Designing for Analytics Self-Assessment Guide and found it useful, and now have a colleague in your network in mind who might also find it useful. I'm on a mission to help companies turn underperforming data products and analytics solutions into indispensable services using design.  If you know a product owner, business stakeholder, or technology lead who could use some help with UI/UX/Product design, you can share my guide using the  customizable template email below, which you can modify to your liking.

Free Email Template for Sharing the DFA Guide

If you have contacts you know who fit the descriptions above, you can use this email template to share my DFA Self-Assessment Guide link. Just copy and paste the email below, substituting the recipient's name and other relevant bits (highlighted with bold italic font). That's it!

To: [your referral/friend/colleague's email]

Hi [Recipient Name],

I wanted to introduce you to Brian O'Neill, a consulting product designer I know who specializes in helping companies design indispensable data products and analytics services. I don't know if you need his type of expertise or help at this time, but regardless, he wrote a free Designing for Analytics Self-Assessment Guide I thought you might find useful.


The guide is specifically intended to help business stakeholders and non-designers:

  • Assess the design and user experience quality of a data product or analytics service
  • Increase the service's usability, utility, and customer engagement

If you do need some design help, you can check out his services page too. 

Hope you find it useful, and feel free to connect!

[Your name]

Brian T. O'Neill is a designer and advisor to software leaders on turning machine learning and analytics into indispensable human-centered data products.