Dear Podcast Publicist,

Here is how to properly submit guests to 🎧 Experiencing Data.

Thanks for your interest in my podcast. I get a lot of poorly researched and unsolicited inquiries from pocast publicists, so I hope this brief "reply" letter helps you understand how to "pitch" guests (your clients) to me for consideration on my podcast.

If I sent you the link to this page, it's my way of replying to say your guest isn't a fit. For the future, please read the show description, listen to some episodes (or ask your client to), and review the past guests on my website so you can understand the voices and stories I am trying to share.

Candidly, I get countless inquiries from PR people who seem to send me guests using templated emails that "have anything to do with data, ML, AI, or analytics" and assume they'll be a fit for my show. I know you are trying to land spots for your clients, so in the interest of not wasting your time and helping you find a "match" with me:

I do not have sales, marketing, or people promoting products on my show.

My show is not about all the things AI, machine learning, or analytics can do in software.

My show is not technical in nature.

I rarely accept unsolicited guests, but when I do, it is because somebody has taken the time to know that I am trying to expand the practice of human-centered design in data products, and they have a good story to share with my audience about their experience related to this.

If you think your next guest is a fit, please feel free to resend your submission.


Brian T. O'Neill
Founder and Principal
Designing for Analytics, LLC
Host of Experiencing Data