Dear Podcast Publicist,

Here is how to properly submit guests to 🎧 Experiencing Data.

Thanks for your interest in my podcast. I get a lot of poorly researched and unsolicited inquiries from pocast publicists, so I hope this brief "reply" letter helps you understand how to "pitch" guests (your clients) to me for consideration on my podcast for data product leaders.

Candidly, I get countless inquiries from PR people sending me guests that have anything to do with data, ML, AI, or analytics and assume they'll be a fit for my show.  99% of the time, they are not. If I sent you the link to this page,  it means as of right now, I don't see a fit yet or potentially I may see no fit at all in the  future either. However, there's a chance to resubmit if you think your show fits into the description below.

First, please read the show description, listen to some episodes (or ask your guest to) so you can understand the voices and stories I am trying to share.

Here's what does not work for my show:

  • I do not promote products, people, companies or services on my show.
  • My show is not about all the things AI, machine learning, or analytics
  • The show itself is non-technical. We don't talk about data management, data governance, ML pipelines, data engineering, and related implementation-related topics.

Here's what might work:

  • Product management for data products (end to end ML/AI/Analytics solutions which must be valuable)
  • Product design/UX for data products - especially when integrated into data science
  • Innovation and creativity as it relates to producing data products
  • Home-grown processes teams are using to create human-centered ML/AI/analytics solutions (even if it uses different language than what I've mentioned above)
  • I am especially interested in:
    • promoting the voices of people of color, marginalized groups, and women.
    • presenting leaders' learning experiences (learning from failures, experimentation, etc)
    • showcasing examples of how user experience has contributed to the success or failure of your data product, and how it has evolved over time

If you think your guest fits, please feel free to resend your submission adjusted for what you've learned here. Please note that more than 1 submission that is greatly off-topic will mean I will no longer reply to your pitches, so please resubmit carefully and only if your guest is extremely aligned with the mission of the podcast.


Brian T. O'Neill
Founder and Principal
Designing for Analytics, LLC
Host of Experiencing Data