Data Product Leadership Community

Are you leading the work of ML, data science, or analytics and believe that decision intelligence tools really need to be approached as data products?

Do you believe that these data products have to be useful, usable, and valuable to business stakeholders and users—not just technically right?

Do you think that data science and analytics solutions are much more successful at producing outcomes when they leverage the best methods of modern software product management and UX design?

If so, there's soon going to be a new, exclusive Slack channel where you can connect with me and data product leaders who see the world just like you do...

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Data products aren't new, but today, the term means something different. To me, it's two things: "how good would this analytics or ML work have to be for somebody to pay us to use it?" And secondly, "what if we approached it as a product instead of a project? Something that isn't ever done, but rather, a useful tool that continuously evolves and improves over time?" 

Nobody needs another technically right, effectively wrong solution—whether it uses AI or not.  If you approach the building of insights tools and decision support applications as data products, and want to connect with other leaders who are doing the same, there's soon going to be a place to share your ideas and learn from others who are on a similar journey.

It won't be free, because nobody needs another "dead" community filled with lurkers, tire kickers, or vendors trying to sell to you. This will be a place for leaders to learn and to share—because that's what leaders do—and you'll only have to pay one time for lifetime access to the group.

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