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Next webinar + live discussion: July 18, 2024

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Join over 80 data product leaders, UX pros, CDAOs, and others from companies like:

Do you approach your data-driven solutions as data products—not projects?

Do you believe data products have to be useful, usable, and valuable—not just technically right?

Tired of being the only one on the team who thinks user adoption is critical to success ?

Ever wondered if there are other data leaders integrating modern software product management and UX design into their data science and engineering teams—because it's the obvious path to increased adoption and economic value?

Imagine if…

  • ...your had a safe, supportive place to discuss or gut-check new data product management and UX design methods—before implementing them.
  • could see how your peers are implementing rapid experimentation into their process and what they've learned along the way.
  • had a place to present your ideas with a collective of like-minded people eager to learn about your approach, case study, or demo—and get productive feedback?
  • …you could transition away from doing data delivery projects and become seen as a the go-to team for building high-value, human-centered data products customers love?
If that's you, the DPLC is finally here to help!

Join the Data Product Leadership Community—because you're not alone!

Connect, share and learn with other data product leaders leveraging product management and UX design to create indispensable ML/AI and analytics solutions.

The DPLC is a solace to me; this community feels vibrant and incredible. And the spillover onto LinkedIn with all of our comments is so fun! Thank you for building this!

Katy PuschKaty Pusch
VP, Product

What's included in annual membership?

  • A curated community for non-technical discussion of data product management and design
    We welcome established and emerging data product leaders from both the software and non-software "internal" teams backgrounds. All new members undergo a light screening and must meet a few membership requirements.
  • Monthly Zoom presentations and conversations—by and for you
    Each month, one member or guest will be present a brief case study,  lessons learned, demo or related presentation and host a discussion that is also recorded on Zoom. At launch, we have 20 months worth of sessions already lined up from our Founding Members! See the upcoming Zoom sessions below.
  • A Slack room for Q/A, venting, and celebration with a global community
    Get help, celebrate wins, share your frustration, and challenge your thinking 24/7 with diverse perspectives across industries and around the globe.
  • Networking Opps
    We are experimenting with different networking opportunities including 1x1 random pairings, small-group cohorts that meet, etc.
  • Access and Contribute to the DPLC Content Archive
    Missed a live event? We record our live sessions and will keep a list of DPLC member-only content such as methods, case studies, and presentations.
  • Potential to become a guest on 🎧 Experiencing Data
    Some of our Founding Members have already been on my podcast, Experiencing Data which explores the intersection of data product management, data science, UX design and analytics.
  • Special guest presentations and webinars TBA!

Who We Are

Brian, whatever I have put in to date to the DPLC, I’ve gotten back at least two-fold in value

Peter EverillPeter Everill
Head of Data Products - ML and Analytics

Our 80+ members to date come from companies like:

Founding Members:

In May of 2023, I interviewed over 30 interested applicants and selected a set of them to become the initial Founding Members. Special thanks to these members who have helped and continue to help the DPLC!

The UX perspective is newer to me and this is exactly the kind of interdisciplinary content I was looking to get out of this community

Nicole ReitzNicole Reitz
Data Product Strategist
Coeur Data
Whitney Brooks
SVP, Product Management Director - AI/ML Capabilities
Wells Fargo
Nicole Reitz
Data Product Strategist
Coeur Data
Karen Meppen
Director, Data Product Architect
Sanant SK
Senior Data Product Manager
Omar Khawaja
Klara Lindner
service + process designer
diconium data
Jonathan Cairns-Terry
Head of Insight Products (Data & Insight Unit)
Care Quality Commission
Katy Pusch
VP Product
Marcelo Vilela
Product Manager
Nadiem von Heydebrand
CEO, Co-Founder
Marnix van de Stolpe
Product Owner
Sheila Torrico
Customer Data Manager
Erich Olson
Staff VP - Data Products & Platform
Elevance Health - Carelon Health Services
Peter Everill
Head of Data & ML Product Management
Anna Jacobson
Operations & Data Partner
Operator Collective
Pradeep Paranjothi
Product Line Manager - Data & Analytics

Special thanks also to Steve Evangelista, Dipika Sota, Gomathy Viswanathan and Corey Putney for their early contributions.

Upcoming Zoom/Live Session Dates

Last year we pivoted our operating model to run all of our analytics work as agile product squads. As we started this journey, I discovered Brian’s DPLC community. It convinced me that we’d chanced upon something that others were doing, but was still fairly embryonic. I’ve since found a whole new group of people to bounce ideas off and learn a whole heap from. I can’t recommend this community strongly enough!

Andy SuttonAndy Sutton
GM of Advanced Analytics
Endeavour Group

When do the monthly live sessions occur?

Sessions vary, but our default time is on a Thursday from 12-1pm ET, usually mid-month. Sessions may be hosted on other days and times pending speaker availability and other factors.

Upcoming Member Webinars + Discussions

DateSpeaker & Topic
Jul 19, 2024
12pm ET
The Foundations You Need to Do Internal Data Products Successfully
Omar Khawaja
CDAO, Givaudan
...and more!
We typically have 12-18 months of future sessions scheduled—but only for members!
Apply for membership or get notified when new webinars are announced.

Past Webinar Recording Archive - For Members

DateSpeaker & Topic
August 17
12pm ET
Katy Pusch - Our first session!
How to Launch a Successful DP*
September 21
12pm ET
Peter Everill
Practice What You Preach: Using Metrics to Drive Your Data Product Team
October 12
12pm ET
Jonathan Cairns-Terry
From Analytics to Insight Products - Adopting Data Product Management
November 16
2pm ET
Marnix van de Stolpe
Why we stopped, deleted 1.5 years worth of ML work, and shifted to a product mindset at Coolblue
December 19
10am ET
Klara Lindner
Tackling Low Adoption of Data Products Using 2 Frameworks from Behavioral and Cognitive Science (Free Preview)
January 16, 2024
12pm ET
Our first membership meeting at 12pm ET. Agenda: data product management survey design review, IRL conference/event, and more!
February 27, 2024
1pm ET
Karen Meppen
Immature Data, Immature Clients: Are Data Products the Right Approach?
March 28, 2024
12pm ET
Justin Mullen
Navigating the Challenges of Hidden Data Product Dependencies
April 24, 2024
12pm ET
Duncan Milne
Is that Data Product Worth Building? Estimating Economic Value…Before You Build It!
May 28, 2024
12pm ET
Elevating UX: The Art of Usability in Data Products
Marcelo Vilela
Sr. Product Manager @ Skyscanner
Jun 27, 2024
12pm ET
Uncorking Customer Insights:
How Data Products Revealed Hidden Gems in 🥃 Liquor Retail
Andy Sutton
GM, Advanced Analytics @ Endeavour Group
...and more!
We typically have 12-18 months of future sessions scheduled—but only for members!
Apply for membership or get notified when new webinars are announced.

Membership Requirements

I had great calls with Nadiem von Heydebrand and Anna Jacobson this morning. They are exactly the kind of people I wanted to connect with personally and professionally.

Will SullivanWill Sullivan
Managing Partner
Predictive Analytics Partners
  • Membership is limited to 100 people at launch
    The DPLC wants to grow carefully, giving us around 80 slots for new members at launch (the first 20 slots are comprised of our Founding Members). If the size is working well for the community during our launch period, we will continue adding seats.
  • All members need to demonstrate either:
    • A relevant portfolio of data projects/products relating to the DPLC's focus -or-
    • 5+ years of experience in one of our core facets of data product development: data science/analytics, data engineering, product management, UI/UX design or UX research
  • We do not use job titles to determine your eligibility, but you must be actively involved with data product management or design in your role.
    For example, a data scientist who has been elevated to the de facto product manager for an internal data team or product would likely qualify.
  • We intentionally invite a mix of senior ICs, managers, and execs to join.
    We believe knowledge exchange happens bottom-up and top-down.
  • Vendors and consultants:
    You are welcome to apply so long as you meet the same requirements and closely adhere to our Rules of the Road. Cold selling or blatant self-promotion from any member will not be tolerated and may result in dismissal without refund.
  • You must adhere to our Rules of the Road and Privacy Policy.
    These will be strictly enforced and non-compliance may subject you to dismissal without warning or notification.

What happens after I register?

After a recent consultancy presentation on AI/Data @ work, what struck me was how far ahead we are in the DPLC…it made me realize I have gotten such a breadth of knowledge because of this community.

“I didn’t know exactly what to expect to get out of the DPLC, but there are already some clear wins. After a recent consultancy presentation on AI/Data @ work, what struck me was how far ahead we are in the DPLC…It made me realize I have gotten such a breadth of knowledge because of this community. I've dug in to ideas like jobs to be done after Klara Lindner inspired me with her talk, that I would not have dug into otherwise. The Slack helps me connect disparate ideas, theories, and experiences into something new, and the 1x1 member connections help me better share and refine my story about what I do around data products.”

Bill BaezMarnix van de Stolpe
Product Owner @ Coolblue
  • After registering, you will go through a brief 15-min screening interview with an existing DPLC Founding Member to make sure there is a good mutual fit. (In the odd case you aren't a fit, you'll be refunded immediately). One of our Founding Members called these screenings "mostly an a$$hole check." They are also to ensure you're showing a demonstrated interest in contributing to the DPLC as well as learning.
  • After your interview, we will notify you if you've been accepted. If admitted, you will receive a welcome email and your Slack invite with info on how to onboard. If we are unable to admit you, you will be notified accordingly and a full refund will be issued as soon as possible (usually within 24 hours).

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If accepted, your subscription will auto-renew each year, however you'll be emailed 3 days before your renewal occurs. I also provide a 100% money-back guarantee.

No Risk, 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Not happy after the first 45 days of membership?
Just send me a DM in Slack and I'll refund your entire purchase in full with no questions asked. It's 45 days so that you have a chance to catch at least 1 or 2 of our live monthly sessions. This guarantee is only available in the first year of your membership.


About the Founder of the DPLC

Brian O'NeillMy name is Brian T. O'Neill, and I help data product leaders increase adoption of ML and analytics solutions by design. I have worked with companies including DellEMC, Tripadvisor, Fidelity, JP Morgan Chase, ETrade and have helped design products for several enterprise startups. On the side, I advise on product management and design for MIT's Sandbox venture fund and host the Experiencing Data podcast. After many years of speaking, advising, and training data professionals on how to adopt design and product management techniques into ML/AI and analytics solutions, I realized there was nowhere for like-minded product professionals to connect. So, I started the DPLC. I hope to see you there!


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