Designing an Effective Honeymoon Phase in Your Product (Part 2)

Let’s jump to part 2! Last week I mentioned that the free DFA Self-Assessment Guide introduces ideas for designing a honeymoon user experience and how to audit your own product’s success in this phase of the customer lifecycle. Here in part 2, I want to share some specific actionable steps you can take to improve the honeymoon … Read more

072 – How to Get Stakeholders to Reveal What They Really Need From a Data Product with Cindy Dishmey Montgomery

How do you extract the real, unarticulated needs from a stakeholder or user who comes to you asking for AI, a specific app feature, or a dashboard? On this episode of Experiencing Data, Cindy Dishmey Montgomery, Head of Data Strategy for Global Real Assets at Morgan Stanley, was gracious enough to let me put her on the spot and simulate a conversation between a data product leader and customer.

057 – How to Design Successful Enterprise Data Products When You Have Multiple User Types to Satisfy

Designing a data product from the ground up is a daunting task, and it is complicated further when you have several different user types who all have different expectations for the service. Whether an application offers a wealth of traditional historical analytics or leverages predictive capabilities using machine learning, for example, you may find that … Read more

049 – CxO & Digital Transformation Focus: (10) Reasons Users Can’t or Won’t Use Your Team’s ML/AI-Driven Software and Analytics Applications

Watch the Free Webinar Related to this Episode I went depth about how to address the challenges in this episode on Oct 9, 2020. About 30 Mins + Q/A  time. Watch Now Welcome back for another solo episode of Experiencing Data. Today, I am primarily focusing on addressing the non-digital natives out there who are … Read more

Designing Human-Centered Data Products (Video Course)

A self-guided video course that will give you the practical UX & human-centered design skills you need to create indispensable analytics product, machine learning applications, and data-driven  SAAS products. If your data product relies on successful human interaction to create value, then the outputs of your data science and analytics must be simple, intuitive, and … Read more

Designing Human-Centered Data Products (Seminar)

In just 4 core weeks, learn to increase the user adoption and business value of your ML and analytics applications via data product management and UX design. Is your team tired of building data solutions that don’t get used or are undervalued? Is low user engagement preventing your data initiatives from generating their full potential … Read more

UI/UX Design Audit

Does your UI/UX feel hard to use, dated, or unprofessional? Is your design causing customer complaints, sales difficulties, usability, or engagement problems? In ~1 week, my UI/UX audit and prioritized remediation plan will tell you exactly what design changes you need to make to get your data product, service or application back on track. “ … Read more

015 – Opportunities and Challenges When Designing IoT Analytics Experiences for the Industrial & Manufacturing Industries with CEO Bill Bither

Bill Bither, CEO and Co-Founder of MachineMetrics, is a serial software entrepreneur and a manufacturing technology leader. He founded and bootstrapped Atalasoft to image-enable web applications which led to a successful exit in 2011 to Kofax. In 2014, he co-founded MachineMetrics to bring visibility and predictability to the manufacturing floor with an Industrial IoT analytics … Read more