Your data product is meaningless if the humans in the loop can't or won't use it.

Does your machine learning or analytics UX make your users or stakeholders go like this when they see it?


Do you wish users and stakeholders had reactions to your solutions that looked a lot more like this?


Are you a leader in product management, data science, or analytics facing challenges with your enterprise data product, AI/ML service, or decision support application such as:

  • Low engagement: despite providing an analytics solution, end users still make decisions from their gut instincts
  • Users don't trust your new machine learning model, despite its predictive accuracy
  • A stakeholder has mandated you start using AI in your data product(s), but no clear business problem has been defined
  • You've made significant investments in engineering, analytics, or data science, but customers still find your dashboard or tool hard to use?
  • Your enterprise or SAAS software is hard to sell, requires a lot of explanation, and has a complicated UI that looks hard.
  • You see the innovative potential of your data—but either stakeholders or users do not?

Brian O'Neill by Liza VollIf these are familiar challenges, here's the good news:

You don't have to be a professional designer to learn how to create more useful and usable ML and analytics experiences your users—and stakeholders—will love.

My name is Brian T. O'Neill, and I help data product leaders use design-driven innovation to improve the UX of their ML and analytics applications.

Here's the thing: all of your data products already have a UX, whether you had one in mind or not.

The difference is in the intent: is your UX a byproduct of all the technical work to date? Or an engineering prototype with some "UI and data viz" that was added towards the end? Or was it something you shaped intentionally, with human-centered design, throughout?

I want to teach you just enough about design so that your data products become indispensable to users and your business goals are realized.

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Good design & UX brings results to data products, dashboards, intelligent enterprise software.

Analytics, AI, ML, cloud, IOT, data lakes–the buzz words are endless.

Users don't care about your tech.

Your data product, ML application, or service is delivering a user experience whether you intentionally designed it or not.  Getting the "human-in-the-loop" part right is critical to:

Drive adoption.

Increase value.

Improve usability.

Build trust.

Brian O'Neill by Liza Voll

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