Struggling to increase the user adoption, sales, and usability of your AI and Analytics product?

Here's the secret:

They don't want your ML and analytics—even if they asked for it.

You can't create "business value" if people aren't even using your model, dashboards, or decision support applications.

UX isn't "extra"—it's already present, and the quality of your UI/UX is likely affecting whether users come, buy, stay, and ultimately, find your data product indispensable.

Sound familiar?

  • There is often low user adoption of your dashboards, apps despite providing what was asked for
  • Users don't trust your machine learning models
  • You get vague mandates or requests to "use AI" from stakeholders, but no clear business problem to solve
  • You're team is good at the analytics, ML, and engineering, but customers don't see the value immediately
  • Your solution is hard to sell, hard to use, requires explanation, or has a UX or UI that just looks hard.
  • Your data team could be a source of innovation, but its mostly seen as a cost center

Brian O'Neill by Liza VollMy name is Brian T. O'Neill, and I help technology leaders turn data into indispensable data products through two key interventions:

  • Increasing adoption by designing better user experiences
  • Adopting a software product management approach that focuses teams on delivering outcomes instead of outputs

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