(How to Refer Brian)

I appreciate any referrals you send my way; helping companies design indispensable data and analytics products is how I make my living.

If you’re curious about who would make an ideal referral and how to refer someone to me, read on. This page was written to give you helpful, specific instructions on how to refer someone you know to me, including a template email you and copy and paste.

What companies should I refer to Brian?

My ideal clients fall into a few broad groups:

  • Enterprise companies leveraging data or analytics to improve their own business or their customers' experiences
  • SAAS/data product companies 
  • IOT companies who have an analytics/data layer on top of their hardware that requires user interfaces
  • Companies with other highly technical, or data-intense software (research, science, IT)

What job titles in my network should I refer to Brian?

Typical Client Role/Titles

  • Chief Data Officer (CDO) (internal analytics group)
  • VP / Head / SVP of Analytics (internal analytics group)
  • Head/VP of Product (e.g. managing a data product / SAAS)
  • Product Manager/Owner (e.g. managing a data product / SAAS)
  • Startup Founder or CEO
  • CTO or VP of Engineering


  • Engineering Manager
  • Technical Lead
  • Software Architect
  • VP/Director of Product Design/UX

What projects and problems can Brian help with?

What kinds of services does Brian provide?

How do I know who in my network I should refer to Brian?

There are two ways you could connect me with a great potential client:

The first would involve you doing deep research on your network, with you spending potentially hours trawling through LinkedIn or other networks. In other words, lots of work and deep thinking from you.

I'm definitely not asking you to do that! 

The second method would be for me to set you up with an email you could copy/paste and send to anyone you know who has one of the titles like the ones listed above. No real research required; very little effort required on your end.

You are risking your "social capital" when you connect me with someone, so the email would have to make you look good to the people you connecting me with. It would also need to be easily ignored by people who aren't a good fit for my services while being very compelling to those who are a good fit.

I think I've created something that fits those requirements below.

Please Use My Low-Risk, Low-Effort Referral Email

You can send this email to any contacts you know who might fit the job descriptions above. It offers value while making no unflattering assumptions about them or creating any kind of awkward obligation. It's low-risk and low-effort for you. 🙂

Just copy and paste the email below, substituting the recipient's name and other relevant bits (highlighted with bold italic font). Then send the email off to anyone you’ve identified.

To: [your referral/friend/colleague]

Hi [Name],

I have no idea if you need product/UI/UX design help right now, but if you do, I wanted to tell you about Brian O'Neill.

Brian is a consulting product designer focused on helping companies design better data and analytics products.

I thought he was worth passing along to you for 2 reasons:

1) Brian is a specialist in designing data products and analytics solutions.

2) He has a free self-assessment guide you can download that's specifically geared for non-designers working on software in this space.

If you'd like to check out his services, is his link.

Looking forward to hearing how the conversation goes!

[Your name]

Thank You

Referrals are a critical component of my business—they’re a big part of how I make my living. I really appreciate you taking the time to connect me with 2–3 (or more!) of your colleagues, customers, or friends. And if there’s anyone I can refer to you, just let me know know and I’ll see who in my network is a match for your business.

All the best,

– Brian