Is your data product or analytics solution well designed?

Learn to measure design quality with my free self-assessment guide for product owners, architects, engineers, and data scientists.

You don't have to be a designer to apply some basic design-thinking techniques to your solutions.

After working on many dashboards and data-driven analytics products from the IT domain to mobile and music, I've started to see common UX and UI design problems that can impact your product or solution's usability, and it's bottom line. Whether you're a SAAS company selling a data product, or an enterprise customer trying to put analytics to work to save time, save money, or increase revenue, this guide is designed to help non-designers out there think strategically like a product designer.

Before you write more code, hire a designer, purchase a BI / charting tool, create more dashboards, or architect another "AI / big data solution," use this guide to assess your service's current state.

The guide is specifically intended to help business and technology stakeholders:

  • Assess the design and user experience quality of a data product or analytics service
  • Increase the service's usability, utility, and customer engagement

Download the free PDF below.

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Learn how to:

  • Uncover UX problems that may impact revenue and business goals
  • Identify visual design problems with dashboard and data visualizations
  • Triage signup, onboarding, and honeymoon flaws
  • Identify the real problems and the real users of your product
  • Redesign data that is acting like noise into useful information