Are customers realizing the full value of your data product or analytics software?

Learn to focus on the UX and UI design details that matter by downloading my free PDF, "How to Self-Assess the UI/UX Design of Analytics and Data Products."

After working on many dashboards and data-driven analytics products from the IT domain to mobile and music, I've started to see common UX and UI design problems that can impact your application's usability, and it's bottom line–especially if you have a subscription-based SAAS platform or depend on annual renewals.

This free PDF is designed to help you think like a product designer and start to see the types of user experience and UI problems that might be impacting your business and customer satisfaction. Before you write more code, hire a designer, or create more product, you first need to understand what's *really* wrong with your product as it relates to analytics.

Download the guide below.

Learn how to:

  • Uncover UX problems that may impact revenue and business goals
  • Identify visual design problems with dashboard and data visualizations
  • Triage signup, onboarding, and honeymoon flaws
  • Identify the real problems and the real users of your product
  • Redesign data that is acting like noise into useful information